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Ever wondered what the highest paying jobs in Canada are? Well, the highest paying jobs have been announced and some of them might actually surprise you. The positions cover several different areas. According to Indeed, one of his highest paying jobs in the country is as an anesthesiologist, where he earns an average annual salary of $358,908. These specialists provide gentle pain management before, during and after medical procedures. The position requires rigorous training, medical school and residency training, but the salary seems to be worth it. Cardiologists with an average salary of $280,591, Psychiatrists ($298,065/year), Doctors ($254,847/year), and Surgeons earn an average salary of $280,591/year. Salary of $276,646 per year.

Pharmacists are also listed as one of the highest paying jobs in the country, with an average annual salary of $105,088 nationally. Indeed says the job requires a pharmacy degree and the pharmacist also has formal training from another pharmacist. You must also apply for a license from a state or territory regulatory agency before you can legally begin work.

For non-medical jobs, Software Architect is also listed as one of the highest paid occupations in Canada. A software architect is responsible for designing elements of a software program, which may include writing sections of code and quality assurance testing of code segments for the product. Working as a software architect does not require as much education as the medical positions above.

Other non-medical positions on the list include business controllers who perform corporate accounting functions and are responsible for budgeting, billing, etc., and those who analyze digital data and use that information to help organizations “educate.” So, according to Indeed, the national average annual salaries for business controllers and data scientists are $103,056 and $84,630, respectively.

What Are the Highest Paying Full Time Jobs in Canada?

  1. Anesthesiologist – $358,908 per year
  2. Cardiologist – $280,591 per year
  3. Psychiatrist – $298,065 per year
  4. Physician – $254,844 per year
  5. Surgeon – $279,646 per year
  6. Orthodontist – $209,373 per year
  7. Chief Marketing Officer – $109,196 per year
  8. Software Engineering Manager – $143,044 per year
  9. Director of Information Technology – $117,890 per year
  10. Data Scientists – $84,630 per year

Which Industries in Canada have Maximum Wage Increase?

The average hourly wage across all industries was $31.67 in September, up 5.2% from the previous year. That’s still not enough in most cases to overcome the impact of inflation hovering around 7%. Some industries are seeing more wage increases than others. Average wages for freelancers and those working in the tech industry have increased by 9.1% over the past 12 months. Average wages for employees in the finance, insurance and real estate sectors rose by only 2.4%. S&P Global Market Intelligence economist Arlene Kish says the central bank will take the latest data on jobs and wages as a sign the economy can withstand further interest rate hikes. “Consumer price and wage inflation is too high,” she said. “The economy needs to cool down. Given what is happening outside Canada’s borders, it will be difficult to avoid a recession here at home.”

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