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If you recently applied for a job, you may be anxiously awaiting for indicators on how your interview went and if you would be considered for the position. 

When reflecting on your interview performance, it’s vital to have an unbiased mindset and look at the broad picture rather than getting caught up in the moment. While you can’t always tell whether you won the job based on your interview performance, there are generally some indicators that the interview went well. We’ll go through 10 of the most obvious signs to look for in an interview that indicates you got the job in this post.

You hear “when” and not “if”

The most subtle clue that many recruiters unknowingly spill out is when instead of using terms like “when you are selected” instead of “If you are selected.” This can indicate that the recruiters are seriously considering you for the position, and you are in with a chance.

A casual interview

Interviews are supposed to be formal, usually involving a standard set of questions. It’s a good indicator they’re impressed when the conversation moves away from your qualifications and gets more informal. 

You’re introduced to other team members.

They introduce you to other members of the company to chat with while you’re there, which is one of the best signals that you did well during the interview. If the interviewer thinks you’re a good fit for the job, they’ll make many more introductions to team members and decision-makers.

They discuss perks

If the interviewer begins to talk about wages, benefits, and all of the amenities that a company offers, you’ll likely be offered the job. They’ve gone from interviewing you to selling you on the firm by promoting salaries and benefits. Discussing perks extends the interview beyond what is required to see how your qualifications correspond with what they are looking for. Spending their valuable time trying to persuade you of the company’s merits is a sure sign they want to hire you.

The interviewer asks about transition steps.

When a firm is interested in employing you, they frequently inquire about the amount of time you’ll need to make a transaction to your new role. Questions like “How soon would you be able to start when hired?” indicate that they’re interested in you.

They discuss follow-up processes.

If an interviewer brings up the next steps in the employment process, it’s a good indicator that the interview went well. Skills tests or an interview with senior management or executive may be required in the following phases.

The interviewer hands you their card and number.

If the interviewer provides you their business card with their phone number, it means they want to keep the conversation going, whether it’s for this job or another. They may have more questions about you and your preferences, or they may just want to make it easier for you to contact them during the rest of the employment process.

They contact your references.

Contacting your references after the interview indicates that the interview went well and that they are interested in learning more about you, your work ethic, and your previous performance. Make sure your references are aware that they may be called ahead of time so they can prepare.

You’re given a tour

If the interviewer offers to tour the building, it’s a good indicator that your interview went well, similar to meeting the team. A tour of the facility or workplace is a sure sign they’re attempting to persuade you to accept the position.

Body language 

And finally, pay attention to the interviewer’s facial expressions. An attentive posture, a smile, and nodding in agreement as you talk are all signals you need to confirm a place in the company. 

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