5 of the Most In-Demand IT Jobs in Canada: Jobs Near Me Canada

The IT field is booming right now, but there is also much competition in the field, given the number of fresh graduates coming into the job market every year. 

So, having the proper skill set that guarantees good pay, at least for the foreseeable future, is essential. Here is a rundown of the five most in-demand IT skills now in Canada that will continue to rise in demand in the future.  

Professionals in the field of security

As digital infrastructure becomes more prevalent in business, so do the challenges it poses to data security. Professionals in the security field, ranging from network administrators to business continuity specialists, have an abundance of job prospects. They are the line of defense against any threats to business, so it is safe to say, companies are prepared to spend big bucks to ensure the integrity of their companies. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for cybersecurity experts is rising at an astonishing rate of 31 percent every year. Professionals with cloud security knowledge and those who understand how to develop safe and scalable digital infrastructure are, particularly in demand, making it one of the most highly paid jobs in Canada.

System Administrators

Administrative professions of all kinds will continue to be among the most in-demand IT occupations in 2021 and beyond. As businesses move more services and processes online, they will want a skilled expert to work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. System administrators are responsible for the smooth sailing of the business, and skillsets such as database and network administration are in high demand. However, new opportunities have begun to emerge in more specialized areas like cloud computing and cloud systems administrator. Over the past two years, it has identified itself as an emerging speciality in the information technology industry.


Developers are the backbone of the IT industry, and they have long been a mainstay of the information technology industry; and it is safe to say that they will continue to be the main driving force pushing the industry forward. Because of the pandemic, many businesses have moved their operation online and therefore require experienced developers to make the transaction as convenient. We’ve really observed continuous development in disciplines connected to computer science in recent years.

We anticipate that software developers and DevOps engineers will continue to be among the most in-demand IT positions in the coming year. Specifically sought-after are those with experience in cloud-native architecture and automation, as we will anticipate most businesses opting for automation over manual works.

Truth be told, user experience has long been overlooked in the IT industry, but as customers are now having so many options when choosing their online services, there is a massive influx in demand for professionals with interface design expertise. Even the lights of google expressed their concern that there will be a shortage of UI experts in coming years, so this skill will be in top demand. The user interface is also making great strides in the fields of cognitive science, and many university researchers are looking for people in this sector, making it one of the most desirable skills to have going forward. 

Data Analysts specializing in data and business intelligence

Careers in data science have grown in popularity over the last decade, yet they continue to be among the most difficult to fill positions in the industry. Often, they demand specialized skillsets that are difficult to come by, an issue that is intensified by the rapidity with which the sector is evolving. To be a great data scientist, you need expertise in Maths as well as programming and statistics, making it a relatively complex topic to master. 

Business intelligence analysts are among the most highly sought-after data science experts in the field of analytics and data science. As more firms use data to their advantage, they will require insightful professionals who can lead them through the process of making strategic, data-driven choices.

Final words 

There is a void in the market for skilled IT professionals, and people with these skills are always in top demand. You can start gaining relevant skills today and look for entry-level positions; jobsnearme have an array of positions that will help you find the perfect job. Visit our website to learn more. 


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