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You don’t need a college degree to get a high-paying job. Here are eight jobs you can get today with no experience.

Getting a job can be the turning point of your life. It gives you stability and a sense of accomplishment. But finding a job is no easy task. After covid, many people are losing jobs, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job that pays well. Moreover, if you don’t have a college degree, the competition is even harder for you. But fear not, we here at jobsnearme have compiled an extensive list of the highest paying jobs that you can get without a college degree. However, some of these jobs may require you to have an online certification or training.

  1. Computer Support Specialist

Are you naturally good with computers? If you find yourself being asked to solve minor issues with tech your friends and family face every day, you may be a perfect candidate for a computer support specialist. With our dependencies on computers skyrocketing due to the pandemic, demand for support specialists is at an all-time high. There are several certifications you can take that will help you get started. We found google’s course to be the most effective in finding high-paying jobs. You can expect a median salary of around $45,000 annually at an entry-level position.

  1. UI/UX designer

Designers are always high in demand, and UI/UX designers are no expectation. It would be best if you had no formal education to be a good UX designer and get a job in big companies like Google and Facebook. You can also make a living working as a freelance UX designer if that is what you want. Again google is pushing hard as they estimate the demand for quality UI/UX designs will increase in coming years. Google offers some great courses online. The average salary, according to google, starts at around $80,000 per year.

  1. Sales representative

You may not consider a sales representative as a high-paying job, but on average, an expert sales representative has the potential to earn up to $100,000 annually. A positive personality and a willingness to travel are two essential traits for success as a sales representative. Sales reps will need to attend trade shows to keep up with changing customer requirements and evolving products. They may also be responsible for filing expense accounts or analyze sales statistics. You do not need any formal certification to apply for a sales job, but starting salary is lower compared to other professions. You have to endure the struggle starting small before slowly increasing in ranks. Once you move up there, though, there is no turning back.

  1. Flight attendance

The flight attendants probably interact with the post with passengers more than any other flight crew.

They make sure passengers feel comfortable and are ready to address any safety concerns that might arise on the flight. They also have the responsibility to inspect all emergency equipment before each flight. They provide safety instructions to passengers, including how to use an oxygen mask and evacuate the plane; show how to use seatbelts, and ensure passengers secure their seat belts before taking off. Flight attendance is a noble profession that pays well around $55,000 per year. You need to have a certification from flying schools before becoming a commercial flight attendant, but training is reasonably inexpensive ( compare to pilot) and takes ten weeks to complete.

  1. Web developer

No list of high-paying jobs without a degree will be completed without mentioning a web developer. They are the modern wizards who create unique websites that we use every day. While covid affected most jobs negatively, the demand for web developers is at an all-time high. Most businesses that did not have an online presence before now need a web developer. There are also many jobs in online e-commerce stores that need full-time developers to keep their sites up and running. Web development does require hard work and a great portfolio to showcase your expertise. There are many free courses and tutorials to help you get started. Web developer salary depends on skills and experience, but an entry-level web developer earns more than $60,000.

  1. Project Manager

Yes, you can be a project manager without a college degree. Project management is always in demand as the industries they can work in are virtually infinite. A project manager requires strong time management and interpersonal skills. They also have to be resilient when facing clients and upper management when things do not go according to plan. Google again offers some of the best courses in project management. An entry-level project manager can earn up to $55,000 per year, but these can quickly go up if you can showcase the management your potential.

  1. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing medication to patients or health professionals. They are most often found in drug stores and pharmacies, although some work in hospitals or private practices. Most Pharmacy Technicians require on-the-job training, so no certification or degree is needed. Due to covid, front line workers are in demand, and you can expect upwards of $40,000 annually as starting salary.

  1. Social media manager

Social media is the ultimate destination of any business. They can target customers in social media unlike any other platform, and big companies are shelling out big bucks on social media managers who can take control and develop an effective marketing campaign on social media. It would help if you had a deep understanding of how social media works to be eligible for the job. Salary varies upon experience, but an entry-level social media manager can expect upwards of $40,000.

What Career Is Right for You?

It is not always easy to find out what you want to do or what you are good at, which is ok. Many people take years before they find what they want to do in their career. We recommend you find your passion and not run for the highest paying job, be the best in whatever you do, and we are confident you will do well in that field. Find your dream job today. We wish you all the very best.

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