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Airdrie is a city in Alberta, Canada within the border of the Calgary Region and also located in the north region of Calgary. Well, a home should be more than just a safe and comfortable place after a hectic long day. It should be more about love, our loving neighbors, communities, environment to live in.

And you would be delighted to know that the city of Airdrie is that community. It can be a perfect place for you to live as it provides a comfortable space, more access to nature, more connection with people and a lot of other things.

 Life in Airdrie can be said to have easy access to what matters the most. It can be seen as a 2-minute walk to the grocery shop or it could mean neighbors who never forget to water your plants while you’re on a long vacation. It means your kind and happy neighbors for your kids to grow up with. Basically, it’s a bunch of opportunities.

Airdrie Edmonton Jobs Near Me
Airdrie Jobs Near Me


Besides the calmness of nature, there’s a bunch of others about loving the lifestyle in Airdrie. Though the benefits are uncountable, yet to be sure of, the city does provide the basic facilities which every family or student lookup for. The basic facilities include access to some great schools where your children would get a good education.

Apart from that, the city also has some pretty-entertaining things to offer such as theater groups, musicians. Airdrie never steps back in promoting all things regarding arts & entertainment. So, do recommend coming to this city to take advantage of its awesome living.


1.Part-Time Assistant

A part-time assistant is someone who can be hired in different work fields as an assistant is the right-hand of any organization. The best part of this role is that it can be done either way, be it a part-time job or a full-time job. In comparison, the wage rate is very good.

2. Sales Associate

A sales associate is someone who delivers superior and consistent customer satisfaction. You should know how to work in a fast-paced environment that requires a high degree of multi-tasking. You should also be able to work a varied and flexible schedule.

3. Part-time Online Tutor for Children

Do you like kids? Did you always want to spend time with them? If yes, then the job of an online tutor might be the best option for you. Either you can start this job with your personal contacts or can join any online program which provides online tutors for children. They give you workshops to improve your teaching skills and also give extra income for referring other teachers or assisting with special projects.

4. Warehouse Handler

A warehouse handler enjoys the flexibility of picking his/her own schedule while earning a satisfying pay rate. One needs to stay active during workdays in the fast-paced warehouse environment. Daily duties would include scan, stack packages on pallets, get customer orders ready for delivery and the use of technology like scanners, computers, and handheld printers would be required.

5. Part-Time Food Delivery

One can make good money by bringing people the food they love from different local restaurants. You can choose any vehicle of your choice for the delivery, be it a bike, scooter or car. The average salary in this job is also nice.

6. Cook

Those of you who love cooking would love this job. After all, what could be better than earning a penny from your work?

Work is simple, you will just have to prepare and serve the food properly and nicely. The work also includes completing daily temperature audits for fridges, freezers, and storerooms. So if you are someone who is a food lover and is a go-getter for this role.

7. Grocery Clerk

The work of a grocery clerk is to provide exceptional customer services to its routine clients. Responsibilities also include ensuring accurate product scanning and executing company-regarding promotions and programs. You will also have to maintain product displays. This job is also in demand these days as every shop wants a dedicated clerk to handle its functions! You can apply for his role if you like providing services to people.