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Brooks is renowned for being one of Canada's most multicultural cities. The city is welcoming and inclusive and moreover, it takes priority in celebrating its diversity. Brooks can be a dream place where people want to live, play and work; in fact, about 56% of residents in Brooks have lived here for more than five years.


When moving to a new place, a person or a family looks for nothing else but about how the living place is. And, we are proud to state that this city was number 30 on the chart for Canada’s Best Places for Families (2018). Brooks has also made its place under the top 100 Cities by MoneySense. Not only this, but the statistics of Canada also show that crime rates in Brooks have seen a decline by 63% since 2006, and within the last five years rates are down 21% as per the Maclean’s Magazine.

So, one can think of moving to Brooks without any second thought in their mind. 

Brooks Full Time or Part Time Jobs Near Me
Brooks Full Time or Part Time Jobs Near Me


The next thing to look at in a city is undoubtedly the housing facilities. And in Brooks, the term ‘affordable housing is for everyone. The city gives you access to safe and stable housing that helps in creating communities. This makes the city an awesome place to live and work for all the citizens and at all income levels.

The affordable housing strategy in Brooks is specially designed to identify current and future affordable housing needs in the communities and to prepare a strategy that directs future actions and its success. The cost of living in the city is also not so very high and one can easily afford the current rental charges.


The city stays on number one when it comes to its industrial sector. The industrial sector of any country is of vital importance as it ultimately constitutes its economic growth. Well, that also means more employment opportunities offered to the public when can be helpful in downgrading the unemployment rate.

1. Tourism

The tourism industry has to be the most successful one as around 100,000 tourists visit the Brooks Region to camp and experience the nature and beauty of Canadian badland. The villages and the towns offer a bunch of opportunities from shopping to roaming around the best areas in the city.

2. Agriculture

Agriculture is regarded as one of the most necessary sectors of any country with the type of products it avails. The field in Brooks is filled with some young workforce and the region has some of the most profitable farms in Alberta. This is also the reason behind the people moving to Canada!

Brooks also has an agricultural economy with approx 307,000 irrigated farmland acres, 290,000 cultivated dryland farming. The Agricultural sector enjoys complete support from research and development facilities; the food processing industry also contributes to its significant part.

3. Renewable Energy

Renewable energy in Canada is also quite successful which makes it one of the important hands of the city.

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Brooks is quite a productive and highly specialized market. Well, it has been named as one of the larger productivity centers in Alberta as the manufacturing cluster provides employment options for many laborers. The region is also the largest single sector of the regional economy.

5. Oil & Gas

The Brooks Region continues to make huge profits from the wealth of oil and gas resources. Known as a regional service hub, Brooks and the area has provided space to many major oil and gas companies, which want to extend their businesses. Local businesses have also seen diverse growth through the downturn and have found creative ways to operate and grow within the changing culture and demands.


There is no doubt about the fact that everyone wants a good and stable job to take up their basic expenditures and other requirements. The brooks region provides you with plenty of job options that would earn you a stable income. Here we have listed some of the common and easily available jobs for those of you who do not possess higher education but want a stable source of income-

1. General Labourer

2. Registered Nurse

3. Lab Manager

4. Sales Customer Service

5. Cashier

6. Bookkeeper

7. Kitchen Supervisor

8. Heavy Duty Technician

9. Telephone Survey Clerk

10. Healthcare Worker