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How is it living in Calgary? Where is the Calgary region in Canada? Is the cost of living in Calgary compared with other cities affordable? We have answers to some of these most important questions you might have about Calgary. Well, Calgary borders the United States and is known as the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada. With a huge population of 1.3 million, Calgary becomes Alberta’s most populous city. The region`s best facilities and opportunities are the reason for its high population.

The city sits more than 1 km above sea level and it won’t be wrong to admit that it is one of the wealthiest cities in Canada. It’s a clean and safe environment that makes the cleanest and one of the world’s most livable cities. And the term ‘living’ is probably what a person thinks about when shifting to a new place. So, if you are someone who wants to move to Calgary, then do not think much and pack your bags right away!

Calgary Jobs Near Me Full Time Part Time
Calgary Jobs Near Me Full Time Part Time


Calgary is the third-largest municipality and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada with a population of around 1.3 million people. As per the 2016 Census, Calgary, Alberta became the only city to experience the biggest population growth of any metropolitan area in Canada since 2011. Not only this, but the residents of the area also constitute the youngest average age people. Due to most of its residents being a younger population, the city has a lot to offer not only for the residents but also for the newcomers or international students who come to earn. Calgary would never disappoint you in terms of education, good living, a clean environment, work options, and a better place to learn and eventually grow!


The economic sector in Calgary is primarily focused on the petroleum, agriculture, and tourism industry. Alberta has the biggest share of Canada’s oil industry. The city’s reserves, in the form of oil sands, are said to be second only to Saudi Arabia. Most petroleum organizations in Canada have their headquarters based in Calgary, participating in making Calgary one of Canada’s richest cities. The city also goes through the vicious cycle of boom and recession which has resulted in a hike in Calgary’s unemployment rate.

However, the top five employment sectors for Jobs Near Me which contribute to the maximum of Canada's economy are -

1. Technology

2. Agribusiness

3. Manufacturing

4. Financial services

5. Transportation


Calgary is a booming city and has plenty of wealth, but one would be surprised to know that the cost of living is quite lower than in the Vancouver region. This also comes as Alberta has no sales tax and charges a low price of gasoline and natural gas. Having said that, the cost of living in Calgary is a bit high compared to the smaller towns around Alberta, but again, reasonable as compared with most Canadian cities.

One would need to roam around the region to get the home of their dreams be it a rental accommodation or an apartment you prefer to purchase. The cost of living differs accordingly.



A person working in Calgary normally earns an average of around 126,000 CAD per year. The salary range from the lowest average 31,900 CAD to 563,000 CAD as the highest average, and it rises with the year of experience. This is the average annual salary inclusive of facilities such as housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries also differ drastically according to different careers.  More experience would end up giving you a higher salary and the level of education also matters.

Calgary is known for its positive rate of employment opportunities. Some really good and stable jobs are offered by the region which also constitutes its economic growth. People with a higher degree and prior experience can land up in a good office. So, here we have mentioned some of the job roles that not only demand a good education background but also seeks some prior experience-

1. Programming Officer

2. Web Designer

3. Customer Experience Professional

4. Sales Associate

5. Administrative Assistant

6.Assistant General Manager

7. Personal Banker

8. Marketing Manager