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Camrose is a community of over 18,000 inhabitants situated 100 kilometers southeast of Edmonton, with a high quality of life. Camrose is the ideal size to take advantage of all of a new city’s educational, leisure, and entertainment amenities while still being down to earth enough to understand the comfort and protection of a rural lifestyle. 

The city also has excellent transit and hospital facilities, including a full-service center with ambulance and surgical capability. In terms of educational opportunities, the city offers post-secondary education to both local and international students. The labor force is predominantly made up of poor, non-transient young people who have already built a good work ethic.

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Camrose is a very involved and enthusiastic city when it comes to prosperity. The city’s strategic plan identifies four strategic priority areas, one of which is to improve the regional economy. Continued economic development and diversification are critical to achieving the Strategic Plan’s objectives, as more job opportunities encourage new residents, especially entrepreneurs and young families, to remain in Camrose and make it their home.

The Economic Development department is in charge of planning, organizing, and supporting Camrose’s economic development prospects. We will assist you in making your lives better.


Per year, hundreds of students enroll in regular schools in Calgary, Camrose, and Edmonton to complete a one-year teacher training programme. In traditional schools, partnerships between faculty and students are central to student life. In order to fulfill academic and social obligations to provide for students, normal school teachers monitored behavior in and out of the classroom, supervised extracurricular events, and oversaw off-campus accommodations.

Are you a student from another country? The 500,000 foreign students who come to Canada for college and university studies each year are only the beginning. Thousands more come here to attend primary or secondary school, trade classes, or language schools. As a student, Camrose, Alberta is a fantastic place to learn and develop.


Camrose is a city full of opportunities every day not only for the local residents but for the immigrants and international students also. So, below we have pointed out the most easily available jobs that one can find in Camrose.

1. School Bus Driver

Bus drivers follow local roads, stopping at regular intervals to pick up and drop off passengers. Taking fares and distributing tickets will be among the duties. examining passes for public transit

2. Health Care Aide

Patients, customers, and tenants depend on health care aids for critical everyday life assistance and warmth. They help in personal hygiene practices such as washing, shaving, dressing, toileting, and others.

3. Delivery Driver

A delivery driver’s roles include transporting a wide range of products to multiple addresses and along various routes, as well as adhering to routes and time schedules. Operate a transport truck by loading, unloading, preparing, inspecting, and loading it. Seek reviews on the services you’ve given and answer any concerns you’ve got.

4. Clerk

A clerk sorts papers, emails, and other company records, as well as handling and answering mail and delivering documents to employees. Issuing invoices and tracking down unpaid invoices. Taking minutes and dictation at sessions.

5. Licensed Practical Nurse

This is one of the most popular jobs in Alberta where one needs to have excellent engaging skills to help the clients in their routine works. Advocate for the clients and collaborate with the team to provide them with the best outcomes.Licensed practical nurses are responsible for a variety of specific nursing duties. They serve in medical departments, clinics, and health care centers under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses (RNs). They can also provide in-home treatment

6. Customer Service

Customer support representatives assist consumers with grievances and queries, offer product and service information, approve orders, and manage returns. They are often seen as playing a sales position because they assist consumers in interpreting the product and answering questions about their reservations.

7. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is in charge of keeping track of financial activities such as acquisitions, expenditures, sales earnings, invoices, and payments for a company. Financial data will be entered into general ledgers and will be used to create the balance sheet and income statement.

8. Community Support Worker

Clients such as the disabled or elderly receive social, physical, and mental assistance from community support staff. From 52,300 workers in 2017 to 63,900 by 2022, employment for this position is expected to grow at a rapid pace. Over the next few years, 40,000 job vacancies are expected as a result of employees retiring and new employment being developed.

9. Chef

Chefs are responsible for finding recipes, designing meals, and serving high-quality dishes. To ensure your meals are served on schedule, you should be able to assign duties to kitchen workers.

10. Sales Advisor

Sales Advisors help consumers buy more by educating them about the right options for their needs and encouraging them to buy. Customers are offered product specifications and rewards explanations, as well as help in finding particular items on the store floor and payment processing.