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Edmonton is in Alberta, Canada’s most tax-friendly region. Its citizens pay lower taxes than those of other Canadian provinces.

Most newcomers to Edmonton are struck by Edmontonians’ friendliness. Edmonton was named the 8th most livable city in Canada by MoneySense magazine in 2014, based on its economy, services, real estate industry, weather, and attractions. By 2018, Edmonton had regressed in the rankings, owing mostly to a high crime rate, but it nevertheless ranked 68th out of 415 cities around the country.



Edmonton is a major oil and gas hub that draws a large number of foreign jobs. As a result, the city is ethnically diverse, with around a quarter of the population identifying as a “visible minority” – predominantly Chinese and other Asian ethnicities.

Aborigines from the First Nations make up just over 5% of the population.

Nearly 80% of residents say English is their main language, and 91 percent say they have at least conversational English.


The coronavirus pandemic, as well as the global oil price crash, are now wreaking havoc in Edmonton. The unemployment rate has increased from 8.2% in January 2020 to over 13% in May 2020, reaching the 11.5 percent national average. Edmonton has lost over 123,000 jobs in the past year, with 100,000 of them in the service industry. Edmonton’s economy is forecast to contract by more than 5% in 2020, a bigger drop than during the recession of 2009. As oil prices rise, the country’s economy is expected to expand by more than 6% in 2021. As oil companies trim their budgets, the recent low oil price has limited job prospects and has spilled over into the rest of the country.

In 2021, Edmonton, Alberta’s economy is projected to grow, aided in part by the expected partial normalization of oil prices. For some time, the unemployment rate is projected to remain above average.

Edmonton has a diverse variety of other job opportunities. Employers such as Gilead, BioWare, Innovotech, IBM, Intuit Canada, Canadian Western Bank, Telus, General Electric, Stantec, and TD Canada Trust offer major opportunities in information technology, finance, and biotechnology. Many prosperous retail companies have also sprouted up in the area.


One who lives or moves in Edmonton always looks for a good job for himself which can be easily available in the market. For those of you, who are immigrants or students and want to work along with your studies, here we have listed some of the in-demand jobs that one can go for in Edmonton. Read about them and choose what suits your best!

1. Sales associate

Both marketing to consumers and selling to other companies, sales associates, and sales members are important.
$50,255 is the annual income.

2. Driver

Commercial drivers of all types, from long-haul truckers to forklift operators, are in high demand in Canada. Those with the required licenses should have no trouble finding work.
$44,836 is the annual income.

3. Receptionist

Receptionists are in high demand because they are the first face that consumers see as they enter a company, making their job crucial. This job necessitates customer service and technological skills.
$31,304 is the average income.

4. Welder

Welders are the most in-demand professional profession in Canada. If you like working with your hands, this career path is well worth exploring.
Salary average: $40,927

5. Web Developer

Web developers are coding professionals who create anything from computer applications to mobile apps. Web developers have a clear path to a work permit in Canada thanks to Canada’s Global Talent Stream, which processes applications in two weeks.
$62,522 is the annual income.

6. Business development manager

Market marketing managers are responsible for bringing in new clients as well as aiding salespeople in closing transactions.
$85,000 is the average wage.

7. General laborer

General laborers are in high demand throughout the world. They sweep, transport materials and supplies, and perform physically challenging tasks.
$29,250 is the average income.

8. Project manager

Project managers are wanted in a variety of fields, including information technology and marketing. Many that have earned the PMP certification are in high demand.
$90,000 is the average income.

9. Heavy-duty mechanic

Heavy-duty technicians are in charge of maintaining and repairing massive equipment. Energy and engineering are significant industries of Canada’s economy.
$70,000 is the average wage.

10. Merchandiser

Merchandisers determine which new stock to carry in and how it can be shown on the shop floor for retail stores.
$48,610 is the annual income.