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Lacombe, Alberta, was named as the province’s 17th city on September 5, 2010, and is located in central Alberta’s rolling parkland, between the Rocky Mountain foothills to the west and the flatter Alberta prairie to the east. Lacombe is now a vibrant city with a population of about 15,000 residents. Lacombe is also an award-winning municipality, as evidenced by MoneySense Magazine, Canada’s leading finance magazine and personal finance website, ranking it as the 5th best place to live in the world.

Jobs in Alberta Near Me


Alberta is Canada’s highest-income province, with a wide selection of immigration and work prospects. Although there are many cities in this province that have a high standard of living, there are a few that incorporate all of the best features a newcomer to Canada might want. Lacombe, for example, is a city where foreign nationals are not only needed but also welcomed into the community (which has a population of just under 14,000 people) with plenty of family and community support services.

One of the most enticing aspects of moving to Canada is the property market’s accessibility to foreign nationals. Although the average home in Alberta costs about $353, 740 CAD (which is still less than the national average of $480, 743 CAD), renting is still very affordable, with a medium-sized apartment costing $874 CAD per month.



Alberta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, at 4.9 percent (versus a national average of 5.7 percent), which bodes well for job retention. The annual household income is $112, 174 CAD, and engineering and oil are the two most important industries. Unskilled professions such as truck driving and hospitality jobs, on the other hand, are in high demand.

Smaller communities in Canada are struggling to compete with larger cities like Ontario, and as a result, they are stepping up their efforts to attract more immigrants to settle in rural areas. There are many advantages that immigrants are unaware of but would be delighted to learn, such as lower-than-average housing prices and high-quality education.



1. Mower Operator

A mower operator’s role is to manage grass and weeds on municipal road allowances, public and private lands by running a mower unit that consists of an all-wheel-drive tractor with a sidearm and a deck mower. Keep track of the job you’ve done. Maintaining equipment and assisting with maintenance and repairs is part of the job.

2. Facility Manager/Safety Supervisor

This person’s job involves recognising, designing, and enforcing programmes and practises aimed at preventing accidents that could result in personal injury or property harm.

3. General helper

This place serves as a back-up to the others. The key responsibilities include cleaning, stocking, and doing the dishes. Extra duties must be submitted to the head chef or field supervisor on a regular basis.

4. General Labourer

As a generic labourer, you’ll be expected to do general stock picking and packing. Assist in the supply and receipt of bulk products. Maintain a safe and healthy workplace. As instructed, perform other warehouse tasks.

5. Truck Driver

A truck driver’s duties include conducting preventive maintenance, loading and unloading freight, receiving and relaying information to central dispatch, tarping, and maintaining cargo safety and security.

6. Clerk Cashier

As a clerk cashier, the duties include welcoming customers and listening to their inquiries, correctly handling sale transactions, bagging and assisting customers with carrying out orders, displaying goods, and ensuring a clean and healthy work atmosphere.

7. Maintenance Manager

A maintenance manager’s job is to set an example in all areas, ensuring that expectations are met in terms of staff and safety, plant stewardship, equipment availability, and teamwork.

8. School Bus Driver

Have you considered becoming a professional school bus driver on a part-time basis? If that’s the case, as a driver, you’ll be responsible for safely transporting students to and from school, conducting pre-and post-trip vehicle inspections to ensure vehicle protection, and ensuring students’ safety when boarding and exiting buses and crossing streets.

9. Produce Manager

The Produce Manager is in charge of ensuring that the department runs smoothly and efficiently. While adhering to all Food Safety Protocols, Standard Operating Procedures, company policies and Health and Safety, and other programmes and initiatives, the Manager will guide and oversee staff to maintain the highest level of customer service.

10. Cook

A cook is someone who prepares food in accordance with existing policies and procedures and in accordance with relevant organisational standards, guidelines, and regulations. Ensures that high-quality food is served at all times.


Lacombe, Alberta’s average salary is C$20.23. In Q4 2020, wage trends fell by -100.0 percent. Lacombe, Alberta has a cost of living that is 100 percent higher than the national average. Bookkeeper, Health Care Aide, and Dental Hygienist are the most common jobs in Lacombe, Alberta, and they pay between C$14.38 and C$34.43 per year.