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Lloydminster, a thriving and expanding village, combines the benefits of a rural lifestyle with the conveniences of a city. Our exceptional sense of culture shines brightest at our renowned civic festivals, such as Winterfest, Canada Day, and Heritage Day, as Lloydminster takes pride in celebrating together. Natural, educational, and leisure opportunities in our community represent the uniqueness of our country, encouraging residents from all walks of life to pursue their passions. About 32,000 people.

People call Lloydminster home, and it has recently been named one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities.

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The cost of living in Lloydminster, Canada is $1,465 a month, which appears fair considering the average annual income of $2,334. Check out the list of tools for more detail.

Restaurants, Markets, Transportation, Services, and 40 other groups include average costs.

Lloydminster was also ranked 55 on the list of cities with the lowest taxes, with a sales tax of just 5%.

The average land tax is 5%, and the average corporate tax is 1%. The current property owner pays $2,007 in taxes, while the average sales tax is $9,110.

MoneySense lists Lloydminster’s economy, home stability, and high wealth and wages as the city’s top qualities, in addition to low taxes. The average home is worth $559, 272, with a monthly rent of $1, 023. The average household income is $116,729 dollars.


For the 2017-18 academic year, almost a quarter of university students and 16.3 percent of college students in Canada enrolled for the first time. India is one of the top three countries in the world in terms of population migration for higher education. One of the main causes for this is the abundance of high-paying positions and simple PR policies in Canada. Medical practitioners and administrators get the most money out of any of them. So, we’ve highlighted some of the positions that are both in high demand and pay well.

1. Accommodation Manager

Privately and publicly run hotels, motels, campgrounds, caravan parks, resorts, hostels, and post-secondary school dwellings are all managed by accommodation operators. $58,443.00 will be the annual income.

2. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for a range of duties ranging from general office jobs to dealing with specific assignments. The gross annual salary is $46,279.00.

3. Advertising Copywriter

Commercial copywriters come up with ideas for advertisements and write them. The advertisements can be seen in print, broadcast media, online, or on the street. The annual income will be $59,315.00 a year.

4. Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineers address challenges in agriculture, food, and other resource sectors by combining engineering technology and design with applied biological science. $112,155.00 will be the annual income.

5. Advertising Account Executive

Advertising marketing executives organize and oversee print, mobile, and social media ad promotions. The annual income will be $69,165.00 a year.

6. Addictions Counsellor

Addictions counselors use treatment and rehabilitation programs to help individuals, families, and communities recognize and address addictions and their effects. The annual salary is calculated to be $61,978.00.

7. Baker

Bakers make and bake a variety of baked goods such as bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, and other desserts. The annual wage will be $33,230.00 a year.

8. Call Centre Agent

Agents in call centers answer questions, establish relationships with customers, and fix problems. They do this on the phone or by electronic means. They also educate consumers of the company’s strategies, products, and services. The annual wage will be $44,097.00 a year.

9. Health Service Administrator

Programs and facilities are planned, organized, guided, coordinated, and evaluated by health care managers. They encourage people to live healthier lives and deliver health care to patients, groups, and neighborhoods. $100,755.00 will be the annual income.

10. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are in charge of planning, organizing, and controlling marketing operations for a company’s goods or services. The estimated annual salary is $92,749.00.


In Canada, the annual Lloyd wage is $40,443 year ($20.74 per hour). Starting wages for entry-level jobs start at $35,100 a year, with most experienced employees making up to $100,000 a year.

The annual salary is $70,200. Lloydminster, Alberta’s average hourly rate is C$24.22. In Q4 2020, salary trends fell by -100.0 points. The housing costs in Lloydminster, Alberta has a population of 1,000 people, which is 100 % more than the national average. Administrative Assistant, Heavy Duty Mechanic, and Heavy Equipment Mechanic are the most common jobs in Lloydminster, Alberta, paying between C$15.54 and C$42.05 per year. Husky Energy Ltd., the City of Lloydminster, and Lloydminster Public School District are the most well-known employers in Lloydminster, Alberta.