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Wetaskiwin is a Cree term that means “the hills where peace was made.” Our City, a cultural center in Central Alberta, provides all of the facilities of a major city while preserving the quiet, linked environment found in smaller towns.

Wetaskiwin is a historic city located just 35 minutes from Edmonton and 25 minutes from the International Airport. Wetaskiwin was founded in 1892, two years after construction on the Calgary and Edmonton Railway (C&E) began, and it became a town in 1902 and a city in 1906, making it one of Alberta’s oldest towns. 

Wetaskiwin is a wonderful place to live, with a population of over 13,000 inhabitants and an estimated home price of $250,000.

Living in Wetaskiwin allows you to experience all four seasons. Summer days are warm, fall colors are beautiful, winter snow is fresh and white, and spring days are vibrant and sunny as the World renews.

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One of the most critical factors when relocating is the quality of life! If you agree with it or not, the standard of life offered by a given city is a vital factor. Are you concerned with Weraskiwin’s way of life? The County of Wetaskiwin, on the other hand, has a high quality of life with many leisure and cultural activities. It is abundant in natural attractions, with many lakes, forested and hilly parkland, and a diverse range of wildlife.

The cost of living is measured by adding up the costs of food, housing, health care, leasing, electricity, fees, and other miscellaneous expenditures. Wetaskiwin County has a high quality of life with many recreational and cultural opportunities. It is abundant in natural attractions, with many lakes, forested and hilly parkland, and a diverse range of wildlife. So, if you want to move to this lovely place, you can pack your things and come.


1. Trades, equipment operators, transport, and related occupations

2. Management occupations 

3. Sales and service occupations 

4. Business, administration, and finance occupations 

5. Natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations

6. Education,  community government, law and social, services 

7. Health occupations 

8. Natural and applied sciences and related occupations 

9. Manufacturing and utilities 

10. Art, culture, recreation, and sport

Other than the above professions, trade and construction workers such as roofers and refrigeration mechanics, as well as medical workers such as paramedics, nurses, and physicians, are in high demand in Alberta. The market for highly qualified technologists is also rising. Aside from that, there are certain professions in the province that are in higher demand, and employees with this expertise and credentials would have a decent chance of surviving and working in Canada.



The work opportunities in Wetaskiwin are numerous and quite high in-demand. In Alberta’s major industries, such as service, forestry, education, finance, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing, especially gas and oil, there is no lack of lucrative job opportunities for young professionals. Albertans are among the country’s youngest, especially in Calgary, the province’s largest city. Here we have identified some of the most relevant industries that contribute significantly to Canada’s economy-

1. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting

2. Construction 

3. Retail trade 

4. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction

5. Health care and social assistance 

6. Educational services

7. Professional, scientific and technical services 

8. Manufacturing 

9. Transportation and warehousing

10. Services other than public administration


The most important aspect of one’s life is finance. And finance is directly related to what kind of job we step into! Are you also wondering about the salary range in Wetaskiwin? In Wetaskiwin, Alberta, the average wage is $19.86. In Q4 2020, salary trends fell by 100.0 points. Wetaskiwin, Alberta has a cost of living that is 100 percent higher than the national average. Pharmacy Clerk, Office Manager, and Customer Service Representative (CSR) are the most common positions in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and they cost between $14.94 and $36.77 per year. The city of Wetaskiwin and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. are the most common employers in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.