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Wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all of your hiring issues resolved in only one day? Then you should be aware of the “National Hiring Day Event,” a recruiting strategy that has been employed by numerous companies to hire as many as workers in a single day.

This is a recent development as businesses progressively resume operations around the nation, advertising a nationwide recruiting day to job aspirants and building anticipation for the occasion.

Many Advantages of a “National Hiring Day” Approach

A sound number of hires can come from a National Hiring Day event due to the publicity that these hiring events receive from outside sources and the fact that hiring takes place across Canada.

Offers are more likely to be accepted. Onsite events are many times more engaging than standard interviews. Attendees can usually meet the entire team and potential managers and tour the facility, which makes it more exciting. These components tend to produce high energy levels in teammates and recruits, and together they have a positive effect on offer acceptance rates. And they are usually quick to accept even if they hesitate, knowing that they will soon find many other jobs.

Speed ​​has a positive impact on both hiring quality and business performance. If you don’t pick the best candidates now, you can’t hire them in just 10 days. Speed ​​has a big impact on hiring quality, so the National Hiring Day strategy could improve the all-important quality of hiring by completing the hiring process, including interviews and reference checks, in one day. In addition, hiring in a day eliminates the high dropout rate (up to 50%) that occurs when candidates are frustrated by the length of time that a typical long hiring process takes. Fast hiring decisions generally impress job applicants who think your company has good managers because of their ability to make quick decisions in key areas. Forcing them to make decisions on the fly also improves your offer acceptance rate because they’re still at the event and very excited when making a decision.

Free advertising changes everything. Media editors want to inform their readers and viewers about large job listings. As such, National Hire Day announcements and press releases from companies are almost certainly made outside the company. And this ad is not only extensive, it’s also free.

This approach is especially effective when the job market is tight. Almost every recruiter today finds that most traditional recruiting approaches don’t work. This is primarily because these tools were not designed to work in today’s extreme labor shortage environment. This means that recruiters have no choice but to look for new approaches that have proven successful in at least some companies. And fortunately, a National Hiring Day strategy can be very effective in environments where talent is scarce due to the high level of outside publicity that this type of event receives.

Managers are forced to focus on hiring. Unfortunately, most managers don’t pay much attention to hiring. However, National Hire Day is guaranteed to grab their attention and increase their interest in hiring. The mere fact that management sponsors such a recruiting day sends a signal to all managers and employees that hiring is an important issue for the company. Done in one day, it reduces hiring frustration and allows you to focus on your regular work. “Recruiting Day” is a lot of work, but after the event is over, the amount of work drops dramatically, making recruiters very happy.

Some of the best practices companies have used at National Hiring Day events

Send a press release about the event to the local media. A little PR helps? You can get a press release template by Googling “sample event press release.”

Encourage candidates to apply online prior to the event (or, for in-person events, make it clear that online application is an acceptable option). Create a landing page where candidates are directed to so they can apply early. It doesn’t have to be clean. Must be functional and effective.

Your landing page should serve as a tool for applying and registering for your event and generating leads. This greatly increases the pool of potential candidates to add to your content marketing emails.

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