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Delta is a municipality in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and is part of the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area. The Fraser River to the north, the Georgia Strait to the west, and Boundary Bay to the south all have water on their borders. When contrasted to other parts of Metro Vancouver, Delta is noted for its relatively dry and sunny environment.

Delta, British Columbia, is famous among birders as the location to see and be seen. While migrating birds steal the show from October to April, Delta is home to a variety of waterfowl and other bird species during the summer.

Delta BC Jobs Near Me

Delta BC Jobs Near Me

Delta was recently named as the 59th greatest location to live in Canada by Macleans Magazine. With the exception of West Vancouver, it rated higher than all of the lower mainland Vancouver cities. The fact that Delta has a fantastic culture and community is one of the key reasons behind this. It also boasts pleasant weather and a variety of attractions.

Notwithstanding this, Delta is home to a multitude of industries including aerospace, production, construction, energy, transport infrastructure, deep sea and river shipping, communication, and tourist industry, all of which benefit from the region’s fertile soil. Delta’s median after-tax household income is $71,590, significantly higher than the national average of $54,089.


One who lives or moves in Edmonton always looks for a good job for himself which can be easily available in the market. For those of you, who are immigrants or students and want to work along with your studies, here we have listed some of the in-demand jobs that one can go for in Edmonton. Read about them and choose what suits your best!

1. Machine Fitter

Machine fitters’ responsibilities include fitting, assembling, and otherwise constructing large industrial machinery and transportation equipment, such as aircraft engines. They are engaged in industrial machinery and transportation equipment manufacturing businesses $$56,063 is the annual income.

2. Landscape Constructor

: Landscape Contractors grow trees, flowers, grasses, and bushes, as well as build hard landscaping elements like walks, patios, and decks, to create or restore outdoor environments. In houses, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and public spaces, they provide services to residential and commercial consumers. $43,144 is the annual income or $22.13 per hour

3. HVAC Apprentice

Throughout your training, you will assist in the installation, repair, or maintenance of commercial HVAC and commercial refrigeration systems. Following designs to install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings is one of your responsibilities. $33.64 per hour is the average income.

4. Local Sort

Welders are the most in-demand professional profession in Canada. If you like working with your hands, this career path is well worth exploring.
Salary average: $40,927

5. Warehouse Associate

Web developers are coding professionals who create anything from computer applications to mobile apps. Web developers have a clear path to a work permit in Canada thanks to Canada’s Global Talent Stream, which processes applications in two weeks.
$62,522 is the annual income.

6. Stocking Team Member

Market marketing managers are responsible for bringing in new clients as well as aiding salespeople in closing transactions.
$85,000 is the average wage.

7. Quality Assurance Analyst

General laborers are in high demand throughout the world. They sweep, transport materials and supplies, and perform physically challenging tasks.
$29,250 is the average income.

8.Truck Driver

Project managers are wanted in a variety of fields, including information technology and marketing. Many that have earned the PMP certification are in high demand.
$90,000 is the average income.

9. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Heavy-duty technicians are in charge of maintaining and repairing massive equipment. Energy and engineering are significant industries of Canada’s economy.
$70,000 is the average wage.