Grand Forks Jobs Near Me

Grand Forks is a settlement in the West Kootenay area of British Columbia, Canada. It has a population of 4,049 people. The Granby and Kettle Rivers, both tributaries of the Columbia River, meet here. The city is located just north of the border between Canada and the United States.

Grand Forks:

Here are ten compelling reasons to call Grand Forks home:

  1. With four seasons and mild temperatures, there is plenty of sunshine (some say this is the best climate in Canada)
  2. Rivers of majesty and endless beaches
  3. Proximity to the United States and the province of Alberta
  4. Arts, culture, and historical activities are thriving.
  5. Fiber Optic Network with a Broad Range of Uses
  6. A large trail system that accommodates ATVs, bicycles, horses, and humans.
  7. Fishing, snowmobiling, golfing, cross-country skiing, and access to the greatest family ski lift in the area are all available.
  8. Cost of living; one of the province’s lowest property taxes and municipal fees
  9. Grand Forks is a growing commercial community with a diversified and enthusiastic population.

Grand Forks’ principal industries include logging, agriculture, rock wool production, fabrication (metal), and tourism. With the loss of significant enterprises such as Pope & Talbot over the last decade, the industries of Grand Forks have shrunk.

Support Worker: On a daily basis, support workers may assist with food preparation, domestic chores, medication administration, financial management, accessing community amenities, shopping, meeting friends, going to the doctor, seeking a job, or giving general emotional support. In Grand Forks, BC, the average hourly wage for a Support Worker is $19.60.

Site Superintendent: Site superintendents are in charge of overseeing the construction manager have to make sure that all operations are carried out in accordance with the design, budget, and scheduling criteria. On the building site, this might entail planning and scheduling, organizing, directing, and managing operations. In Grand Forks, British Columbia, the median production superintendent pay is $119540, or $57 per hour.

Pharmacist: The conventional job of the pharmacist is evolving, and pharmacists across Canada are providing a variety of novel services such as prescription reviews, chronic illness management, vaccination services, and wellness programs. In Grand Forks, BC, a pharmacist’s average hourly wage is $40.63.

Welder/Fabricator: A typical welder fabricator is responsible for producing a range of metal things. Welding isn’t always enough when it comes to a metal building. Machining fabrication materials and components might be a job for welder fabricators. In British Columbia, the average hourly wage for a fabricator/welder is $25.67.

Patient Ambassador: The patient ambassador delivers information to visitors and assists the floor personnel. Reading to patients, changing television stations with remote control, chatting with patients and relatives, and offering blankets and comfort products as needed are all tasks that the Ambassador will participate in. In Grand Forks, the average income for a Patient Ambassador is $64,583.

Customer Service Representative: Investigate and resolve customer concerns, including assisting customers who may have received their purchases late, received the wrong order, or got damaged items, in a timely and patient manner. In Grand Forks, British Columbia, the usual e customer care representative pay is $78661, or $38 an hour.

Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse (LPN/RPN): Any nurse intending to work in Canada must be qualified to practice as a Registered Nurse or Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse. A candidate must be a member of the Canadian Nurses Association (CAN) or the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators to be considered (CCPNR). In Grand Forks, BC, a Registered Nurse’s hourly wage is predicted to be $35.84.

Production Supervisor: Communicates job requirements to manufacturing workers; plans, monitors, and appraises job performance; coaches, counsels, and disciplines personnel; and initiates, coordinates, and enforces systems, policies, and procedures. In Grand Forks, BC, a Production Manager’s annual income is predicted to be $61138.

Heavy Duty Mechanic: Heavy-duty equipment technicians work on mobile heavy-duty construction equipment, repairing, troubleshooting, adjusting, overhauling, and maintaining it. Hydraulic-operated transmissions and attachments, drive trains, tracked vehicle suspensions, and steering is some of the specialties of mechanics in this field. Heavy Duty Mechanics earn an average hourly wage of C$33.24 in Grand Forks, British Columbia.


These are some of the common jobs that one can easily find in Canada but what else will help is networking! Talk to people, your colleagues, friends, neighbors and try to build a connection wherever you can, and that might lead to your destination. You can also register yourself with some employment agencies which can help you find the right opportunity. There are plenty of agencies that notify you of a job as per your skills and requirements.

A piece of extra advice that we can give is that you must focus on skill-building rather than running behind a particular job. Work on your skills, master them and then apply for a job. Till then, don’t lose hope and enjoy the journey.