Common CV Mistakes According To Employers In Canada: Jobs Near Me

Life is not easy for fresh graduates, especially after the pandemic when entry-level jobs are hard to find

So do not be dishearted if you find yourself sending out tons of resumes to different companies but not hearing back from any of them. But make sure that your resume does not contain these common mistakes that employers have pointed out as the most apparent reasons for resumes to get rejected. So hold on tight and see if you are guilty of making these mistakes.

Check for basic errors. 

By far, the most apparent reason for applications to get rejected is because of bad grammar and spelling mistakes. As a fresh graduate looking for opportunities, employers do not expect you to be making silly mistakes, especially on such an important document. In addition to that, having errors in resumes can also be attributed to having a lack of attention to detail, a trait employers look for when selecting a candidate for their role. Remember, there are hundreds if not thousands of people applying for the role you are applying for, so having basic grammatical and Spelling errors will definitely set you back. A simple proofread will eliminate any chance or errors, so take the time to make sure your resume is error-free.

Do not over exaggerate

Exaggerating on your resume will probably hinder your chances of getting a call for an interview. You may think you can get away with a few exaggerations, and the employer will probably get impressed and call you up on an interview, but on most occasions, you are actually causing more hard by doing so. Employers are smart, and they go through hundreds of applications daily, and they will know or find out if you are making something up. So instead of overstating things you have no idea about, emphasize the qualities and attributes you do have, go in-depth on how you are best suited for the job and how you will be a good fit for the company; this will surely impress the employer.

Poor formatting

Formating is also another critical criterion that you must take great care of when submitting your resume. One important thing to look into is that many people copy online formats with total disregard of the format standardized in Canada. So make sure not to copy any formats that are not in use. Also, do not mix multiple formats to make a fusion of your own, you may find it appealing, but it may be a red flag for an employer.

Putting the wrong contact information

It is uncanny how people put the wrong contact on their resume and still expect to hear back from the employers. This mainly happens when someone is too lazy to copy a template from a friend or a family member and forgets to change the contact details. Sometimes there is also a discrepancy between contacts, resulting from confusion and eventually hindering your chances of getting the interview call.

Using inappropriate email addresses 

Another essential thing to look out for that massively put off employers is the use of inappropriate email addresses in the resume. It is expected for anyone to have a formal email and making the mistake of including an inappropriate email address as a contact detail may rapidly derail your application since it can make you appear incredibly unprofessional and cast a shadow over the remainder of your submission. So, although vodca101 was an excellent email when you were in high school, you should definitely rethink.

Not tailoring your CV to the specific role.

And finally, the biggest mistake that stops job seekers from getting the all-important interview call is not tailoring their resume for the specific role they are applying for. Sure, you can have a template, but you must make an effort to precisely customize your resume to the specific role you are applying for. Specify how your skills align with the requirements for the job and why you will be the best fit for the role. Only then will your resume get noticed and hopefully land an interview call. To help you look for full time opportunities, head over to for more informations.

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