Everything You Need to Get a Dental Assistant Job

Often known as the right hand of the dentists, dental assistants play an important role in examining and treating the patients in day today life. They make it sure that a dental office runs efficiently, however their daily responsibilities are stated by the dental practice that hires them. General duties in everyday life of a dental assistant comprises of preparing everything including all the equipment before every patient’s appointment along with assisting dentists with patient care. It is also their duty to take of some important administrative work such as scheduling and collecting patient information. In case of emergency, they are also trained to work with the patients directly and planning their immediate treatment.

Dental assistant jobs are also favorable like nursing jobs these days because students get more medical exposure during their actual practice. Moreover, dental services being more expensive help assistants to make sound money. Dental assistants practice in many various working environments, not just privately dental practices. They also add hospitals, regional health units, insurance, and dental supply companies. Basically, they are well trained to perform the following duties:

  1. Teeth Polishing – Plaque is removed from the tooth’s surface and other nooks and crannies inside the mouth.
  2. Sealant and Fluoride Application – Sealant and fluoride are applied on top of the teeth after every cleaning session to prevent cavities.
  3. Anesthetic Application – Local anesthesia is applied to numb an area of a patient’s mouth to prepare for further surgical procedures.

How To Become a Dental Assistant in Canada?

Among 20,000 dental assistants in Canada, 99% are female and 74% of them are licensed. There are many accredited programs available in Canada for those who wish to pursue their career as a dental assistant. All of such courses provide training in dental radiography, clinical assisting procedures, community dental health, preventive dentistry, also as microbiology and infection control. However, each certification has its own set of admission requirements. Generally, these courses last from 8 to 10 months for the completion.

Health care jobs are very crucial in Canada and they are very strict regarding their standards. Depending on the province and the course requirement, students may be required to do on-job training. Alongside, some programs also require students to qualify for and maintain a CPR Level C certificate throughout their careers. Most of the provinces in Canada require dental assistants to be licensed through the National Dental Assisting Examination Board (NDAEB), the administration regulating all dental assistants in Canada. The NDAEB certificate comes with a lifetime acquisition that does not require annual renewal.

To be eligible to write down the NDAEB examination, applicants must be qualified as intra-oral (Level II) dental assistants through formal dental assisting education. The NDAEB exam is in two parts: written and clinical practice evaluation. If you move from one province or territory to another, you ought to contact the Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARAs) in your destination prior to moving so that there are not any issues in entering the workforce at your new province.

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