Finding Jobs in Canada After The Pandemic: Jobs Near Me

Finding a job, especially during a pandemic, can be really daunting.
But with proper skills and the correct technique, anyone can find their dream job, and we at Jobs Near Me will help you along the way. So buckle up as we are going to disclose some of the best techniques to help you find your dream job.

Getting started with your resume 

The first step is to ensure that your resume is in the correct format and outlines all of your achievements rather than simply listing out the activities of your last job. Employers have to go through a massive stockpile of application for each job post so make sure your resume highlights your key skills and do not include the less valuable details. Your resume is also the first thing an employer sees, so it is a great way to create an excellent first impression, so please make sure your resume is updated and without any grammatical errors. To learn more about creating a perfect resume for the Canadian job market, check out our article. 

Have some strong endorsement 

If you have a solid set of references, it will be easier to obtain work in Canada. Make an effort to collect work references from prior employers, but only if they are relevant to the positions you are applying for now. If this is your first job, you may also ask your teacher for a reference. As a fresh graduate, landing a job is difficult. Employers are also unaware if you would fit their corporate culture, so having a solid endorsement will help employers gain that initial trust to give you a chance.

Do not forget to follow up.

In order to demonstrate your interest, always ensure that you have contact with the organization and follow up within one week of sending your CV. After an interview, sending “thank-you” emails sets you aside from other applicants competing with you for the position. These are small things but can surely help you land your dream job.

Be confident you can do it. 

Finding your first job is challenging and will require some time and work. This is especially true during the pandemic when there is a global shortage of employment. But do not get frustrated, it is not going to be easy, but it will happen, so instead of being depressed, be confident and don’t give up. While going through this process, it’s critical to maintain confidence in yourself – and to let others know that you do, as well. Watch this informative TED Talk see how minor tweaks to your body language can make a big difference.

Use the tools available for you. 

And finally, use the tools that are there to help you in the journey of finding your dream job. JobsNearMe offers a comprehensive list of positions for both part-time and full-time opportunities throughout Canada. It also has one of the most comprehensive online or freelance job lists that are popular during the pandemic. You can also use LinkedIn and other resume-building platforms in pairs to maximize your chances. Visit the Jobsnearme website for more tips like this one, and we will see you on the next one.

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