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What is a business casual attire exactly? Everyone has hold own definition for this. Although it sounds easy to maintain while you are first entering into your professional phase, but it could be quite confusing. To clarify more, here is a thorough guide to what men or women can wear at the workplace to fit into a business casual dress code.Wearing a t-shirt with sandals doesn’t really qualify, however wearing a proper suit and tie doesn’t match the criteria of business casuals either. So, what to wear and what not to wear, you would be prepared after reading this article.

What Does Business Casual Dress Mean?

While common CV mistakes in Canada do come into employers’ notice at the same time, business dress casuals are equally noticeable in an interview as well at the workplace. A business casual dress code is a versatile style of clothing that is appropriate for all the professional events including workplace. Basically, it is a relaxed version of traditional business clothing with few tweaks here and there.

For example, for men wearing slack or khakhi pants with a polo/blouse and relaxed but elegant shoes would be considered as professional casual clothing. Similarly, for women, short-sleeved tops, maybe with vests paired with fashionable skirts and open toe shoes is a perfect example of business casual.

Some types of jeans can be considered business casual unless they are not ripped or distressed in any way. Also, pairing casual tops with jeans and flip-flops or tennis shoes are not acceptable under business casual dress code.  In addition to this, anything transparent, low-cut, midriff-baring, pajama-like, and workout related such as sweatshirts or muscle shirts do not come under a business casual outfit. Short length or tight shorts, skirts, and dresses, are also not advised to wear for a business casual dress code. Bright-colored clothing with loud or overly trendy prints is also not a match for a business casual setting.

Why Modern Era Companies Prefer Business Casuals Over Formals?

The stats also show that giving an opportunity to employees to dress comfortably actually helps the company in a long run.

-According to a study conducted by Stormline Gear, when their dress code is more relaxed more than 61% of employees are more productive. 

-Moreover, 61% of job aspirants claimed that a strict dress code would leave a negative perception of a company to their minds.

What Counts in Business Casual for Women?

Usually, if women wear a combination of skirts, jackets, blouses, closed-toe shoes, and various other items that concludes a workplace casual outfit for them. Some workplaces also allow them to wear peep-toe shoes or sandals, but it is advisable to double check the dress code of the company before stepping on the floor. The most common elements are mentioned below for ladies

  • Top: decent sleeveless shirts, elegant vests, turtleneck tops, dress tops, casual dresses, neutral or solid coloured sheath dresses blouses, elegant sleeveless shirts, vests, blazers.
  • Bottom: pencil cut skirts, skirts that split at or below the knee, dress pants (khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton).
  • Shoes: open-toed heels, closed kitten heels, stilettos, flats, and pumps.

What Counts in Business Casual for Men?

Usually for men, an appropriate business casual attire comprises of a button-down shirt, dress slacks or chinos, dark socks, and dress shoes. However, if you are going for a job interview, avoid wearing polo shirts even if they are acceptable for the job dress code in that specific company. A big NO to jeans or shorts.

Solidify your presentation grounds at a new job position with following information:

  • Top: button-up or collared shirt, neutral-colored short-sleeved button-down shirts, sweaters in a mix of colors and patterns, sport coat.
  • Bottom: plain dark jeans, semi-formal pants, and dress slacks.
  • Shoes: loafers, dark leather shoes, and tie-up shoes.

Even though you need to be perfect in choosing your business casuals, it is equally important to stick to your budget initially. There are many renowned clothing stories such as HM, Banana Republic, and RW& CO. which offers variety of business casuals within good price range.

What to Wear if There Isn’t a Dress Code

Try not to wear anything that is not overly revealing, loud, have offensive sayings imprinted, tank tops and ball caps. Make sure your shoes do not have holes in them are clean. If there is no dress code at your workplace, you can always opt to wear neat semi-casual clothing and keep your appearance as polished as you can.

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