Do You Know About the High Paying Jobs in Edmonton?

Everyone thinks that high-paying jobs are very easy to fill in U.S. and Canada but that is not the case. Early this year in March 2022 one of the top job portals Indeed revealed that top 5 high-paying jobs employers are struggling to fill in Edmonton, Alberta. So, if you have skills related to these Edmonton jobs, you must keep looking for these vacancies at and apply for them.

The data listed by Indeed represents that those roles have been open for more than 60 days on its website and the positions were still not filled. Stats also say that roles for finance managers, physiotherapists, and sales managers are also hard to fill across Edmonton. In the city, even with an average salary of approximately $75k, 20% of job postings for project managers are still open after two months. According to Statistics Canada, the average hourly wage offered in Alberta in 3rd quarter of 2021 was $23.50.

Following are the top five highest-paying jobs in Edmonton that have had listings open for more than 60 days:

Project manager
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 20%
Average salary: $75,834

Finance manager 
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 8%
Average salary: $118,235

Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 16%
Average salary: $81,089

Software engineer
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 19%
Average salary: $76,615

Sales manager
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 15%
Average salary: $73,712

Based on estimated salaries, past and present job advertisements on Indeed between February 2016 and February 2018, physicians in Edmonton earns an average of $235,863 a year. A senior project manager jobs stand second with an average annual salary of $122,737, and third is pharmacy manager, earning $121,912 in annual average salary. Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada said, “Edmonton’s diversified economy shows itself in our list of the top paying jobs. Here, you find medical professionals, project managers, finance professionals, construction and tech professionals are all among the best paid.”

List of Careers with Highest Salaries After Pandemic in Alberta 2022

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Salary Range: from 225,000 CAD to 756,000 CAD

A surgeon’s profession involves high risk and requires extensive knowledge and a lengthy learning path which are the necessary ingredients for a high paying career. Due to very critical job nature, Surgeons top the list of the highest paying careers in Alberta.

2. Judges

Salary Range: from 189,000 CAD to 635,000 CAD

Judges earn quite high because there are huge responsibilities associated with their job. Deciding people’s fates is not an easy task so their job is perfectly justified with the high salary.

3. Lawyers

Salary Range: from 153,000 CAD to 514,000 CAD

A successful lawyer can save/earn you tons of money or can possibly spare the client from a death sentence. That is the main reason that lawyers earn big wages.

4. Bank Managers

Salary Range: from 144,000 CAD to 484,000 CAD

Overseeing hundreds of millions in funds and investments come along with all the associated risks. These risks make managing a bank an extremely critical task making this job worthy of a large salary.

5. Chief Executive Officers

Salary Range: from 135,000 CAD to 453,000 CAD

The success and failure of an organization is a primary responsibility of a CEO. Their huge salary range justifies the vast scope of impact as well as the risks involved.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Salary Range: from 126,000 CAD to 423,000 CAD

Any job that is about managing money automatically qualifies for high salary range. CFOs manage budgets, costs, spending and revenue directly leaving an impact on the operations of the organization.

7. Orthodontists

Salary Range: from 121,000 CAD to 408,000 CAD

People are willing to pay high costs for orthodontics services which directly makes the Orthodontists among the best paying jobs.

8. College Professors

Salary Range: from 108,000 CAD to 363,000 CAD

The career of a college professor is considered among the top-earning and most prestigious careers. Becoming a professor is not easy and requires persistent learning which is why they earn so sound afterwards.

9. Pilots

Salary Range: from 89,900 CAD to 302,000 CAD

Perhaps the only career on the list that involves a kind of excitement; pilots undergo rigorous training programs, and they are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day making their job worth high earning.

10. Marketing Directors

Salary Range: from 80,900 CAD to 272,000 CAD

An increase in revenue of an organization all depends on the strategical thinking of a marketing directors. They are directly responsible for generating business and they are well paid for that.

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