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Consider yourself fortunate if you have got a call for job interview. Pull your socks up as it will be a face to face interaction with the human resource department. Go well prepared a compromise on preparation   means compromising with your career which can determine the quality of your life. There are no fixed questions that are asked by the panelists but they would ask questions to gauge your personality traits, domain knowledge and general awareness . You may be asked to imagine yourself in certain kind of situation so that the responses are stimulated. The interviews can be categorized as Personal Interviews, Behavioral interview, Stress interview.

Interview Questions Jobs Near Me
Interview Questions Jobs Near Me

Personal Interview: The questions asked in this job interview are, to have insight into the personality of an individual.

  1. Introduce yourself or tell us about yourself.
Tell about the kind of person you are, your strength, your hobbies, your family. Everything in brief. You need not talk about family history. The answer should not exceed more than one minute.
  1. What are your career objectives?
Your answer should be the blend of your academic knowledge and interests. Do not say that by joining the organisation you aim at personal and professional growth instead put it that your skills and knowledge will enhance the productivity of the firm.
  1. What are your hobbies?
Your hobbies can reflect a lot about you as a person. Do not say anything casually because the next interview question can again be about it. Sometimes for the sake of saying candidate says that they love reading books whereas they might love partying. When they are asked about the book they have recently read, they are stumped there. Be honest while telling and be prepared with the connected question, “What do you get out of it?”
  1. What are your strength and weakness
This question is posed to gauge how well you know yourself. Strength means any positive aspect of   your personality. If you say, I have good leadership qualities then be ready to quote an instance to tell where you acted as a leader. While telling your strength be ready with example to prove it. Talk about your grey area if only asked for. Try to tell how you are trying to improve your weakness.
  1. Who is your idol?
The choice of your idol will reflect your personality. Your idol should resonate with your values.    Your idol is symbiotic you.
  1. Why should we select you?
No one knows you better than yourself. Try to evaluate the interview from the perspective of the panel. Neither undersells nor oversell.
  1. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
The answer to this question will show how ambitious, hardworking and determined you are. Answer it wisely. If you have dream company, you should have microscopic knowledge about it. Dreams feed on passion.

Questions to think over

Personal A. Background.
  1. Tell me something about yourself which you have not mentioned in Resume.
  2. What are the three most important events of your life?
  3. What did you did during the gap in the education?
  4. One thing about you which you would like to change about yourself.
B. Self Description
  1. How would your friends describe you?
  2. One adjective that describes you the best.
C. Goals
  1. What are your personal and professional goals?
  2. What would you like your lasting impression to be?
D. Values
  1. Define success.
  2. What does failure mean to you?
  3. Whom do you admire? Why?
E. Strength, Weaknesses and Skills
  1. Are you creative? Give example.
  2. What makes you unique?
  3. What have you disliked in your past job?
  4. What has been your greatest challenge?
  5. Are you able to handle stress successfully?
E. Interpersonal Skill
    1. What all is required for team spirit?
    2. What kind of people frustrates you?
F. Extra curricular
  1. Why are co- curricular activities important?
  2. How did you become involved in such activities?
  3. Have you ever done volunteer activities?
    1. How did you develop this hobby?
    2. How much time do you spend on it?

Go prepared with clarity of questions that can be asked. Be crisp, be precise and confident. Do not beat about the bush.

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