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Companies that manufacture software, electronics, or semiconductor equipment, as well as companies that provide internet or related services, make up the information technology (IT) market. Software and services, technology hardware and equipment, and semiconductors and semiconductor equipment are the three main industry groups in the IT market. These three business types are further broken down into industries and sub-industries. Companies are grouped into sub-industries that better represent their main or most profitable sector.

Programming services, device services, open-source, and SaaS are the four major groups in the software industry. The types of business software used in the industry are listed below. Programming Services – Microsoft Corporation, Automatic Data Processing, Inc., Oracle Corporation, and SDC Technologies, Inc. are all part of this market, which has traditionally been the largest. These businesses also pioneered solutions for business needs such as data analysis, data storage and organization, and computer control programmes.


Canada is known for hockey and maple syrup, but it also houses some of the world’s most prestigious tech firms. It is, in fact, one of the leading countries for software development, with the software industry responsible for some of Canada’s largest corporations.

Constellation Software Inc., OpenText Corporation, CGI Inc., Descartes Systems Group Inc., and Kinaxis are five of the largest Canadian software firms by market capitalization. Constellation Software and CGI are two of these businesses that are among Canada’s top 30 by market capitalization. Since all of these companies have different market profiles and business models, comparing them isn’t fair; however, they are some of the most important players in their respective tech sectors.


1. Developer/Programmer

A Software Developer or Programmer’s job description is as plain as it sounds: they are in charge of designing new software products and programmes or maintaining existing ones. They write software programmes using basic programming principles in collaboration with designers and analysts. Salary range= $48,000-$89,000

2. IT Project Manager

As an IT Project Manager, you’d be responsible for managing a team of developers, analysts, designers, and engineers to ensure that IT projects are completed on schedule and to industry standards. Project managers assist with the entire project life cycle, from preparation to execution, monitoring, and closure.Salary range= $52,000–$111,000

3. Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts search for possible threats, concerns, and malfunctions in websites and applications. They also take on the role of the user, testing new software before it is released to ensure that it is user-friendly and runs smoothly during use. Salary range: $33,000-$84,000

4. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst must be able to compile and read vast volumes of data, look for trends, draw conclusions, and provide useful information to businesses in a variety of industries. You must be able to summarise vast volumes of data into simple, concise reports for businesses or organizations to use as a Data Analyst. Salary range= $43,000-$67,000

5. IT Business Analyst

IT industry analysts have a strong background in both business management and technology. They are often the link between the IT department and other departments within an organization, and their mission is to boost overall business by locating the required software and technology services. Salary range= $38,200-$74,000

6. Senior Software Engineer

A Senior Software Engineer, like a Developer or Programmer, is responsible for designing new software or handling existing software. The Senior Software Engineer also serves as the technical lead on a project, leading a team of developers and designers, and has previous experience in software development and project lifecycle management. Salary range= $78,000-$130,00

7. Network Administrator

Network administrators are in charge of keeping an eye on a company’s internal and external servers and ensuring that everything is running smoothly for customers and employees. Salary range= $43,000-$78,000

8. Technical Support Specialist

Customers who are having problems with software devices and applications will get help from technical support specialists. They need exceptional knowledge of computer hardware and systems, despite working in a client-facing role.Salary range: $29,700-$71,000


Setting wage goals is another crucial area for newcomers to consider. Salary analysis can be done on a variety of websites, including the Job Bank website, Glassdoor, and studies written by recruiting companies such as Hays and Randstad. Your pay will vary significantly depending on where you work and how long you've been there.

Any of these tools will allow you to filter your occupation by the level of experience, country, and city to get a reasonable understanding of salary expectations. To get a decent ballpark figure, it's a good idea to compare numbers from different sources.

You may have learned that the Canadian technology industry is booming. With 22,500 new tech jobs added last year, Toronto is the fastest-growing tech sector in North America. A software developer in Toronto, for example, can expect to receive between $60,000 and $130,000 on average, depending on their level of experience.