Job Search made easy! Follow a guided path you will surely land at the right place

Job Search made easy!

In this highly competitive world finding a job can be taxing but if you follow a guided path you will surely land at the right place. Here are some of the tips that go a long way.
  1. Participate in activities during college days
One should actively participate in all the activities organised. It not only gives  hands on experience but also helps to get noticed by the luminaries who come to adjudge certain events. If you get a chance, do interact with them. You never know you find some of them sitting in interview panel.This is a skill for social networking.
  1. Internship
Apply for internship for a company of your choice if granted, this can help you land up in the same company, provided you work hard and outshine others to get noticed. It will be a very good opportunity to make a start.
  1. Campus Recruitment
Most of the colleges invite recruiters on their campus, avail that chance. There is nothing better than on campus recruitment.
  1. Have good social circle
Have good rapport with your seniors during college,  a pleasant person is usually helped by others. The seniors can become referrals for you when they get employed. Many   a times posts are filled through internal reference so it is very important to have positive aura so that people can recommend your name.
  1. Linked in
The sites like Linkedin are of great benefit.  Linkedin has brought professionals across the world on the same platform. You can register on it and upload your resume here, highlighting your job profile. The recruiters too need suitable candidates so there are chances that they can contact you .
  1. Websites of the companies
With the advent of internet every company has come up with its website. Choose the companies of your domain and visit their websites. Usually the posts are advertised on the website itself. Keep exploring online and be a regular visitor of the company websites.
  1. Social Media
Social networking sites can be of great help in finding a job. With a click of option, join page, you can actually become a member of a community with thousands of people from the same profession. There are many pages on facebook and Instagram . You can join the ones related to your profession. The page like Principals and teachers can be of great help who are in teaching profession. The posts are regarding openings, conferences and seminars. There are a number of pages related to recruitment on face book.
  • Earnest and Young helps youngsters to keep abreast with the latest happening in the job market.
  • Brazen Careerist– It provides an opportunity for networking .The fans can directly mention their favourite job seeker resources.
  • Social Media Jobs is a page in which openings related to jobs in Social media are there.
  • is a fan page where the jobseekers can rate the employers and their recruiting process.
  • This is NPR . It is comparatively a new page on facebook, the NPR twitter team is already doing a good job.
  • Hcareers is a page for those working in hotel industry.
  • AT& T College Connection This page is for college students seeking internship.
  1. Job sites and boards
  1. Indeed Job search
  2. Glassdoor jobs
  3. Linkedin
  4. Monster
  5. Zip Recruiter
  6. Simply hired
  7. Career builder
  8. Snag
  9. Link up
  10. Craigslist Jobs
Post your resumes on these sites. The career objective should be concrete and not generic. Highlight your skills.  Your skills are your USPs  ( Unique Selling Point). Remember, in the job market you need to sell yourself so never under sell. You need to beautifully pack your skills and present. If you have the skills and you don’t present them well in resume then it will be a waste.
  1. Recruitment Agencies
There are agencies which help in finding a suitable job for you. These agencies act like a mediator in a marriage bureau. The agencies will provide the companies with the most suitable candidate after analysing the company’s need. This helps the company to cut down on their expenses on advertising. It saves time and energy of the company to filter the right person through the recruitment process.
  1. Attend Alumni meets
It is always good to meet your old friends and teachers with an added advantage of widening your social circle. The old connections will always try to help. The school and college friends those who are employed can always recommend your name if they find some suitable openings at their workplace.

Technology has made job search easier. A click of a button can open vistas to explore and achieve your dreams. So hone your skills, lace up your shoes, it’s time to show your worth to the world.

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