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Everyone dreams of better standard of living. With the prices rocketing it is becoming difficult for many to realise their dreams. Who does not want to earn money without investing?

Be it a teenager, housewife or a professional all want that extra buck to fall into their pocket. Your wait is over. Here are some sure shot ways to earn money online by sitting in a comfy chair in some cosy corner of your home munching at chips and sipping coffee.

Making Money Online Jobs Near Me Dreams of better standard of living
  1. Affiliate marketing

You need to sign up with online retailers like Amazon and flipkart to promote the products. Some people have their own website to promote the products and others keep posting on their social media account. If you show interest, the firms conduct training sessions too.

  1. Make money from Tweeter.

Some people who have good number of followers are paid to tweet certain things by the firms. Such people are called influencers.

  1. Make money from Instagram

The people who have good number of followers are contacted by the firms to advertise their products. They pay amount for advertisement to be displayed on insta page.

  1. Start your online business

If you have any talent be it painting, craft make items and sell it on apps like Etsy.
You can be a life coach. If you have experience of life and you are emotionally intelligent, you can counsel people online. You can create your own face book or insta page and promote it. The professionals, artists, teachers, counsellors all can earn money online . The advent of internet has changed the whole scenario. New vistas have opened for all. It is not only the local clients who will approach but people across the world. You can come up with your own websites where you can drop your phone number and email address. You can charge for your services. Some individuals look for personal tuitions.There is some assignments which are required to be solved. Many people make money out of it. People from any domain can earn money.

  1. Blog to Make Money Online

You can create a blog free of cost on Word press or Write content that appeals to all and all could relate to it. You can put informative content in your blog so that more and more people can view. Traffic is required for monetizing. It is a lengthy process but it can be a good source of passive income.

  1. You tube

It is the best platform to make money. All you require is some talent or knowledge and a smart phone. Think what you are good at. Youtube has video on almost every topic. You just type it and it is there. The housewives good at cooking are minting money by sharing their recipes, the artists share their art and craft, the dancers their moves , the teachers their knowledge, the spiritual gurus their spiritual knowledge.
Some people just un-box certain stuff and give review. Some travellers visit places and make videos of their travel experience guiding about places they have been to. Once you get good number of subscribers then you can ask for advertisement to be displayed on your channel and you start earning.

  1. On line surveys

You can earn money by completing some online survey forms by giving feedback and opinion. You can make up to 20 dollars depending on the length of the survey. There are various paid survey sites.

  1. Freelancing

You can work for small and big companies on the hourly or project basis. There are content writers, graphic designers, photographers, digital marketers who provide services and charge for it. A person can earn up to 2,000 dollars per month by working as a freelancer.There are various websites like Upwork , freelancer, WorknHire.

  1. Virtual assistant

You can work as virtual assistant for businessmen and firms. The job is to handle the website . Some content to be written, digital marketing to be done, emails to be answered, all is done by virtual assistant who maybe sitting at the other corner of the world.

  1. Content Writing

Many websites hire part time and full time content writers. The content to be written can be of varied interest. The articles can relate to art, history, literature , psychology etc.

  1. Proof reading

Those who have good knowledge of grammar can go for proof reading too.Some people want to get their books and research papers published, so they require proof readers.
Internet has opened myriad of opportunities to make money. Today we are heading towards borderless world.

What are you waiting for? Explore what you are good at and start making money.

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