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Manitoba, one of the popular provinces of Canada, is a land of lakes, rivers, clean air, beautiful cities, and a huge variety of cultures and languages. The province has been providing some good study and work opportunities for the residents and also for international students. Over the century, Manitoba is known for welcoming the immigrants that seek their livelihood and experience here.


Well, Manitoba is one of the trusted places in Canada when it comes to some good job options. People who are have done their required qualifications and are experienced in some sort of work, then we have listed some of the high-paying jobs that one can apply for near Manitoba-

1. Chief Executive Officers

The title itself says the work of this role as it is not an easy deal to be the CEO of a company and to smoothly run it. These officers are basically responsible for the success or failure of an organization. You should have a pretty good experience of business and you can be your own boss! Salary ranges from 135,000 CAD to 430,000 CAD.

2. College Professors

Education has become one of the most demanding services in Manitoba for which thousands of students apply to a college. So, this leads to a huge demand for college professors as well. Salary ranges from 108000 CAD to 344,0000 CAD.

3. Marketing Directors

Marketing Director is another high in-demand job that is responsible for increasing the revenue of their organizations. Their work is to generate business and they are well paid for that reason. Salary ranges from 81,100 CAD to 258,000 CAD.

4. Bank Managers

The job of a bank manager is often regarded as a dream job to many as it not only comes with big money but also earns you a good status in society. The job role would require you to take charge of hundreds of millions in funds and investments. It also includes all the risks that come. The salary ranges from 142,000 CAD to 456,000 CAD

5. Chief Financial Officers

The field of finance provides an ample amount of work opportunities with high-paying jobs. Well, a chief financial officer needs to work on budgets, spending, costs, and revenue which directly impacts the operations of any organization. Salary ranges from 124,000 CAD to 404,000 CAD.

Well, apart from the above-mentioned jobs, the province has other major industries that are growing fastly in Canada such as the construction industry. For instance, in 2017, there was an increase in labor income by 4.7%, helping the average construction worker to bring home a good amount of money.

There has also seen an increase in the housing markets to keep up with the new demands of immigrants and it looks like the business will just expand more and more.


Well, apart from the people who are looking for full-time jobs, the province is widely known for international students who come to Canada to learn and earn. There are thousands of students who want to work temporarily and want to help their families along with their education. Are you one of them? If yes, then we have pointed below some of the basic and easily available part-time jobs that one can find near Manitoba-

1. Child Care Assistant

Do you like playing with kids? Do you enjoy their childish things? If yes then you would be required to be kind, trustworthy, and respectful in your approach with children. A child care assistant should be able to build positive relationships with children and families. One can earn good money with this part-time job.

2. Part-time marketing/sales

Marketing and sales are some of the most interesting part-time jobs which can help you gain some experience that would help in your overall growth even as a student. And if you are someone who is friendly, enjoys meeting new people and speak fluent English then this job might suit you.

3. Student Marketeer

A student marketeer can work on-campus and is responsible for influencing the brand image and product understanding on their campus and in their near region. The Student Marketer’s job is to draw potential customers and satisfy university students in order to maximize a company’s revenue.

4. Personal Care Attendant

This is another most popular and easily available job near Manitoba. A personal care attendant is responsible for assisting people in their daily living tasks. As per the direction of the client, the primary responsibility is to provide personal care assistance, help with meals, and housekeeping duties.