Dauphin Jobs Near Me

Dauphin is located in the Parkland, which is Manitoba’s most spectacularly scenic area. Dauphin is a bustling city with a robust infrastructure that ensures you have everything you deserve under the shade of its tree-lined streets.

Dauphin is a community service center for health care and leisure in the Parkland, in addition to its scenic scenery and leisure opportunities. We have a vibrant commercial community, a top-notch school infrastructure, and a multitude of successful service clubs with a long and illustrious past.

Dauphin is a vibrant arts and entertainment hub with a diverse range of artistic experiences for children, adults, and service groups. Affordably priced accommodation and some of Manitoba’s finest leisure centers are only a couple of the reasons to call this place home.

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Dauphin is a vibrant community with numerous career and training opportunities. There are many new careers developing in a multitude of industries, from health care to catering, and there are a number of resources available to assist you in finding the right job. The City of Dauphin serves the Parkland district as a regional support center. There are many business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in a city that has it all since it is surrounded by agriculture development, tourism, and leisure.

Dauphin continues to expand in agricultural-based manufacturing, distribution, and other small businesses, so the city has a lot to offer. Dauphin would benefit from a new industrial park as well as incentive schemes for new and expanding growth.

Here we have listed almost all the occupations that are quite in demand in Dauphin, Manitoba. So check out the list and see what can be the best position for you as per your qualification and experience. 

1 - Business, finance, and administration occupations

Under this category, one for applying for the post of financial managers, Human resources managers, other administrative services managers, Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers, Banking, credit, and other investment managers, Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers, Administrative assistants, Legal administrative assistants, and Accounting technicians and bookkeepers. 

2 - Natural and applied sciences related occupations

The occupations regarding natural and applied sciences consists of engineering managers, architecture and science managers, manufacturing engineers, Computer engineers, Architects,  Electrical and electronics engineers, Land surveyors, Information systems analysts and consultants, Database analysts and data administrators, Software engineers, and designers and Web designers and developers

3 - Health occupations

Pharmacists Dietitians and nutritionists, Audiologists and speech-language pathologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, and Medical laboratory technologists 

4 - Occupations education, in social science, government service

This occupation includes jobs like managers in social and correctional services, Lawyers and Quebec notaries, Social workers, Psychologists, Family, marriage and other related counselors, Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers, Business development officers, and marketing researchers and consultants. Social policy researchers, program officers, and consultants are also included in this sector. 

5 - Occupations related to art, recreation, culture, and sport

Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations, Audio and video recording technicians, Graphic designers and illustrators, Interior designers and interior decorators, Theatre, fashion, exhibit, and other creative designers and Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness

6 - Sales and service occupations

Retail and wholesale trade managers, Managers in customer and personal services, Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade, retail and wholesale buyers, Real estate, agents and salespersons, Financial sales representatives, Foodservice supervisors, Cooks and Bakers

7 - Trades, equipment operators, and related occupations

Welders and related machine operators, Electricians, Industrial electricians, Electrical power line and cable workers, Telecommunications line and cable workers, Telecommunications installation and repair workers, Plumbers and Carpenters, Plasterers, Painters & decorators. Other than that, floor covering installers, Heavy-duty equipment mechanics, Construction millwrights, and industrial mechanics, Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics, aircraft mechanics, and aircraft inspectors

8 - Occupations related to primary industry

Managers in the field of agriculture.

9 - Occupations related to processing, manufacturing, and utilities

Manufacturing managers, Utility managers, and Power engineers & power systems operators.

In Dauphin, Manitoba, the average wage is $18.07. In Q4 2020, salary patterns dropped by 100.0 points. Dauphin, Manitoba has a cost of living that is 100 percent higher than the national average. Licensed Practical Nurse, Bookkeeper, and Delivery Driver are the most common jobs in Dauphin, Manitoba, and they cost between $13.15 and $29.84 a year.