Portage la Prairie Jobs Near Me

Portage la Prairie is a tiny town in Manitoba, Canada, that has a population of roughly 13,549 residents. Portage la Prairie has the sunniest days in Canada during the summer months, according to Climate Canada. The Dakota Tipi First Nations reserve’s organizational center is situated here.

Portage la Prairie has a 4.5 percent unemployment rate and living costs that are 8% cheaper than the Manitoba median. Portage la Prairie has a cost of living that is 23% cheaper than the national median. Accommodation in Portage la Prairie is 61% less costly than the national rate.

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The work force’s power and composition can be assessed by categorizing sectors into three categories:

  • Agriculture is an example of a primary sector industry that extracts and produces raw materials.
  • Manufacturing is an example of a secondary sector industry that converts raw materials into finished products.
  • Financial reporting and retail are examples of tertiary sector sectors that offer goods and services to enterprises and customers.
  • The Goods-producing industries have both primary and secondary sectors.
  • The service industry refers to the tertiary market. The North American Industry Classification System classifies industries and employment. 


Analyzing job data:

  • Agricultural production, forestry, agriculture, and hunting account for 2% of all employment in the area
  • The secondary sectors of construction, manufacturing, and utilities account for 17% of all jobs
  • The tertiary sector employees cover 81 percent of the workforce
  • 34 percent of the workers are in historically tax-funded industries such as education, healthcare, and public administration

Agricultural Jobs:

General farm worker: Plant, grow, and harvest crops, raise livestock and chickens, and maintain and restore agricultural machinery and buildings are all tasks that general farm employees perform. Operators of farm machinery are included in this category. On grain, poultry, fruit, vegetable, and specialty farms, general farmers work.

Agribusiness Student: You can work as an Economist, Accountant Office Manager, Farm Worker Specialist Auditor, Marketing Intern Advisor, Marketing Manager, Farm Associate, Supervisor, Store Manager, among several more jobs after completing this program.

Plant Manager: Planning, directing, and running optimal day-to-day activities to meet our customers’ needs are among the duties of the Plant Manager. Increasing performance, asset capability, and resilience while reducing waste and upholding existing performance standards.

Manufacturing Jobs:

Production Operator: Overseeing equipment, inspecting finished goods, understanding deadlines, reporting to leaders, maintaining a stable atmosphere, and maintaining the machinery’s handbook are all part of this work.

Cold Storage Forklift Operator: It entails moving pallets across the warehouse with a reach or dock stocker and picking goods from a refrigerated and freezer setting.

Power Engineer: Power engineers are in charge of overseeing, operating, and maintaining equipment and boilers. These devices supply residential and manufacturing facilities with steam, electricity, heat, air conditioning, and other utility services

Retail Jobs:

Fresh Food Store Associate: These responsibilities include extensive cleaning of the shelves and department, thermal management tests and repair, date monitoring, and the disposal of lower-quality food items.

Cashier: Figures are calculated using cash registers and point-of-sale devices, which manage cash, checks, and credit cards. Few cashiers also handle returns and answer simple questions about the goods they’re offering.

Customer Relationship Associate: As a customer experience associate, you’ll meet customers, assist them in finding items, hear what they’re looking for in a business, and maybe settle a complaint.

Supervisor: Supervisory duties include setting production targets and deadlines that are consistent with the company’s plans and vision. Organizing workflow and ensuring that workers are aware of their responsibilities and activities assigne.

Sales Associate: Customers must be greeted, questions must be answered, merchandise interaction must be enhanced, and exemplary customer service must be given. Managing bank transfers, operating cash registers, and arranging drawers accomplishing pre-determined objectives

The estimated yearly wage for workers in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba is $59,177, or $28 per hour. The median home price in the city is $77,852 annually.