Selkirk Jobs Near Me

Selkirk is a region in Manitoba, Canada, situated on the Red River about 22 km (14 miles) northeast of Winnipeg, the regional capital. According to the census, it has a population of around 11,211 people. Tourism, a steel mill, and a large treatment center are the stalwarts of the local financial system. Selkirk and East Selkirk are linked by a vertical lift bridge that spans the Red River. The Canadian Pacific Railway serves the community, which is linked to Winnipeg by Highway 9.

Selkirk is known for its rugged cliffs and wynds, as well as stunning sights. There is a long heritage, as can be seen in many of our tourist destinations and landmarks.


Manitoba has a consumer economy that is primarily dependent on natural capital. Agriculture, which is mostly located in the province’s rich southern and western regions, is critical to the province’s economy. Transport infrastructure, engineering, coal, agriculture, energy, and tourism are some of the other largest industries.

In Canada, the annual Selkirk wage is $100,000 a year, or $51.28 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $19,848 a year, with most experienced employees earning up to $100,000 annually.

Selkirk, Manitoba’s annual wage is $18.84.Selkirk’s standard of living is 5% cheaper than the Manitoba average. Administrative Assistant, File Clerk, and Educational Assistant are the most common jobs in Selkirk, Manitoba, and they cost between $11.89 and $31.84 a year.

Work hunting in Selkirk, Manitoba is comparable to job hunting in any other major Canadian region, with certain differences depending on the profession, level of role, and industry you’re targeting. Since the labor market is relatively stable and unemployment is poor, the recruiting process is frequently not hurried.


In general, management roles are those in which the primary duty is to complete assignments through the efforts of others rather than through your own efforts. In the city, you can find various management jobs and some of them with high pay are following:

Health Care Manager: A healthcare team is responsible for managing that a healthcare facility is operating efficiently in terms of expenditure, practitioner priorities, and community needs. The facility’s day-to-day activities are overseen by a person in charge of healthcare management. The income of a Health Care Manager starts from $40,000 in Selkirk and you can earn $55,000 annually on average.

Advertising and Marketing Manager: Media managers rely on the engagement methodologies for implementing a company’s brand plan, while marketing managers study future customer audiences and develop plans to reach them. Plan ad campaigns, including which platforms to use and Contracts for ads, should be negotiated. You can earn about $30,000 while starting as a fresher. Averagely people earn $60,000 in this field.

Construction Manager: Construction managers, also known as general contractors or project managers, plan, supervise, and coordinate a wide range of projects, including the construction of municipal, private, retail, and industrial buildings, as well as bridges and roads. You can make around $33,000 per year at the starting of your career.


A degree in business management or finance may lead to positions in both the public and private sectors, in both large and small organizations. Both degrees offer a strong base and are excellent training for founders who wish to launch their own companies.

Human Resources and Recruitment Officer: For all HR-related investigations, the human resources administrator is the first point of touch within an organization. Handling work contracts, hiring, and setting up interviews for vacant positions in the business are just a few of the responsibilities. HR supervisors also supervise other HR employees.

Accountant: Creating revenue and cash flow estimates, handling payroll, maintaining balance sheets, carrying out marketing operations, overseeing budgets, and maintaining inventory are all common responsibilities. Starting salary of an accountant in Selkirk, Manitoba is around $18.00 per hour and can earn up to $25 approximately.

Customer Service/Information Clerk: Provides updates to clients, responds to requests, resolves issues, and collects money. Customers are given details by confirming that they accept the message, answering questions, and providing assistance.


As an entry-level researcher, field analyst, postdoctoral researcher, or lab technician, recent graduates can find work. Natural science graduates can also find lucrative opportunities in college, health care, and technology with additional preparation.