Steinbach Jobs Near Me

The town of Steinbach is located 50 km from southeastern Winnipeg. The city of Steinbach is the province’s third-largest and fastest-growing. Steinbach is the commercial hub of the Southeast zone that offers a diverse plethora of options. Steinbach is a rising, inexpensive place for people of all ages.

Steinbach, Manitoba serves a population of nearly 19,000 inhabitants. Its population increased by 2,305 residents throughout the last two surveys.

Steinbach evolved around production, driving trucks, and retail outlets, especially in vehicle sales, as the area’s regional service center. That’s why A.D. Penner invented the term “Automobile City” to describe the place.

  • Winnipeg is Manitoba’s fastest-growing region, with steady economic growth.
  • At the junction of two regional trunk highways, Gateway to the Heart of Manitoba is centrally situated in Canada and along the US border.
  • Travelers and business people always stop here.
  • Many foreign businesses and industries – create a fantastic platform for local businesses and industries.
  • More than 60,000 residents are served by this regional hub.
  • Powerful farming and agro-industry communities, as well as a strong customer base and local economy
  • A sizable local population with a good work ethic is available.
  • Tax levels are favorable – the second-lowest in Manitoba.
  • The real household income is higher than that of the province.

Even so, as the provincial economic hub of southeast Manitoba, Steinbach’s development has historically been centered on agriculture. Many major commercial pig and poultry farming activities can be found in the area’s agriculture sector.

Service/retail sectors recruit the bulk of the working community in Southeastern Manitoba’s urban base. Major production lines, such as those run by Barkman, Bausch, and Loewen Windows (all of which are based in Steinbach), generate a large number of employees.

Steinbach currently has a population of about 50,000 people in the trade district, with substantial jobs in the financial services sector, car sales, tourism, retail, and production. The city has even earned national attention as a Canadian immigration choice and a blueprint for international migration. 

The City is not only a fantastic place to live but also a fantastic place to work! Our employees place a high value on professional achievement, personal fitness, and a healthy work-life balance.

The City of Steinbach not only gives us an opportunity to challenge ourselves and work in a career that we can love, but we also get a comprehensive benefits package.

The following are some of the advantages of starting career in the city:

  • Excellent educational and career growth opportunities for employees
  • A community insurance scheme that covers educational, dental, life, and short and long-term disabilities.
  • Employee contributions are matched by the city through a registered pension scheme.
  • A wellness package with a shared expense
  • Up to 7 days of private health insurance a year
  • Employee achievement – Good Conduct Awards honor staff for their years of voluntary service.
  • A summer picnic for employees and their families, a Christmas dinner, and a golf tournament are among the social activities held during the year.

The City Administration interacts and implements programs that promote the vision of the City Council. Following are some services:

Services to Corporations

Corporate Services collaborates with the different administrative units to design, organize, and execute broad organization-wide processes and procedures. Corporate Services also oversees the management of human and financial resources as specified by the budgeting process, as well as the setting of goals to ensure that residents have reliable, high-quality service.


Finance is in charge of the city’s tax arrangements, ensuring that all regulatory standards are fulfilled when adhering to defined and widely agreed accounting and auditing procedures. Digital infrastructure, communication plans, property taxes, long-range financial preparation, loan financing, strategy, and capital development projects are all coordinated by the agency.

Human Resources

Finance and operational functions pertaining to the City’s payroll and human resources processes are performed to ensure regulatory and financial conformity with regard to salaries, pensions, and employee records.

The estimated annual wage in Steinbach, Manitoba is $100,000, or $51.28 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $29,016 a year, with most seasoned employees earning up to $100,000 a year. In Steinbach, Manitoba, the average hourly rate is C$17.59.

Stock Trader Job:  

A stock trader’s job entails buying and selling securities, which constitute equity in companies, on behalf of investors and the company in which he or she works. It’s a well-paid career that will cost you about $100,000 per year.

General Laborer: 

You can expect to earn about $18.00 per hour when you first work. Construction site supplies and materials were loaded and unloaded from trucks and supply vehicles. Entrusted machinery and materials, such as hand tools and power tools, were maintained, used, and restored.

Pharmaceutical Production Worker: 

A pharmaceutical worker’s hourly wage is projected to be $15-$16. It entails setting up, washing, running, and maintaining machinery for the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.

Administrative Assistant: 

Fielding phone calls, accepting and guiding clients, word processing, making spreadsheets and presentations, and filing are just a few of the responsibilities of an admin assistant.

Health Care Aide: 

Nursing assistants (also known as NAs), home support aides, home support staff, or residential support workers are all terms used to describe health care aides. They document their findings and share their concerns with nurses and other accredited health care providers.