Thompson Jobs Near Me

Thompson, Manitoba’s greatest settlement, is located 761 kilometers north of Winnipeg on the Burntwood River. It’s the home of around 13,678 netizens. Locals refer to it as the “capital of the north,” a hardworking mining town with a strong Indigenous presence and a long history in the fur trade.

If talking about the weather, Summers in Thompson are pleasant and partially cloudy, while winters are cold, rainy, and drizzly. The climate normally ranges from -17°F to 75°F during the year, with temperatures seldom falling below -38°F or rising above 84°F.


What are some of the things to do in Thompson, Manitoba?

There are some things to do in the Thompson Wolf Mural. 

  • Landmarks & Points of Interest such as Architectonic Structures… Heritage North Museum Museums in history.
  • Paint Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful place to visit. 
  • Thompson Spirit Way is a street in Thompson, Montana. Trails for hiking.
  • Winter Park at Mystery Mountain
  • Bear Hunting in All Terrains.
  • Millennium Trail, Nature & Wildlife Tours for peace

What is Thompson Manitoba's claim to fame?

Thompson, which began as a mining town in 1956, is now known as the “Hub of the North,” offering goods and services (such as healthcare and retail trade) to the local counties.

What about the Economy of Thompson?

Thompson, Manitoba’s economy doesn’t rely on one specific thing; it has a wide range of businesses. Yes, mining is still a major source of revenue for the area, but Mayor Tim Johnston and City Manager Gary Ceppetelli claim that the city is growing in both scale and reach.

Average annual income!

The average annual wage for workers in Thompson, Manitoba is $59,177 (CAD), or $28 per hour (CAD). 

Work opportunities Industry-wise!

The capacity and composition of the workforce can be assessed by categorizing sectors into three categories:

  • Agriculture is an example of a primary sector industry that extracts and produces raw materials.
  • Manufacturing is an example of a secondary sector industry that converts raw products into final goods
  • Retail is an example of a tertiary sector industry that provides products and services to businesses and customers.

What industry employs the most people?

Sales and support occupations employ the most people (23.6 percent), followed by trades, transportation, and machinery operators and associated jobs (17.3 percent ).

  • Sales and service sectors account for the highest number of jobs in Manitoba (23.5%), led by business, banking, and administration (15.5 percent ).
  • The area has a greater proportion than the median of Manitoba in the domains of Social science, schooling, public utility and faith, and Trades, transportation and machinery technicians and associated professions, and Occupations special to primary industry

Note: The estimated yearly wage for workers in Thompson, Manitoba is $59,949 (CAD), or $29 per hour (CAD).


  • Geoscientists
  • Drilling Engineers, Drilling Operators, and Drillers are also professionals who work in the drilling industry.
  • Geoscientists are experts in the field of geology.
  • Engineers who work under the water
  • Completions and Subsurface Engineers who work on pipelines and piping
  • Engineers / Marine Expertise
  • Techs in Coastal Servicing.
  • Working as a carpenter (Carpenters have some of the most versatile jobs in the construction field)
  • a professional electrician (Most electricians are contractors who get to work either in industrial, commercial, or residential settings)
  • a plumbing contractor
  • Artist/Painter
  • Installer of Plasterboard
  • the glazier
  • Tile Installer
  • Finisher of Masonry and Concrete
  • Patient Navigator or Advocate
  • Community Health Educator
  • Training Program Administrator
  • Worker Wellness Coordinator
  • Health Program Investigator
  • School Health Educator
  • Youth Outreach Coordinator
  • Fitness Mentor
  • Managers in Administrative Services
  • Salaries and Benefits for Managers
  • Managers in the field of human resources.
  • Representatives of the judiciary.
  • Health and wellness executives.
  • Land, real estate, and municipal group managers.
  • Managers and experts in public relations.
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Machine Specialist
  • Cad Drawer
  • Mill Operator
  • CNC Operator
  • Quality Control Inspector
  •  Painter
  • Machine Operator