Winkler Jobs Near Me

Winkler is a small community in southern Manitoba, Canada, with a population of 12,660 citizens. It is enclosed by the Stanley Rural Municipality. It’s about 100 kilometers southwest of Winnipeg. It acts as a provincial center for trade, agriculture, and manufacturing as the biggest city in the Pembina Valley.


Winkler, one of the province’s quickest cities and the Pembina Valley’s largest center, has agricultural origins. It has developed into Southern Manitoba’s retail, leisure, and industrial hub, with Triple E RV and other major processing plants and foundries calling it home.

What about the economy of the Winkler?

The town of Winkler serves as the economic center of southern Manitoba. An approximate 17,000 households are served by the retail trade district. Winkler has a population of 4,380 individuals. In the manufacturing sector, about 30% of the population is working

The work force’s power and composition can be assessed by categorizing sectors into three categories:

  • Primary sector – industries that harvest and manufacture raw materials, such as Agriculture
  • Secondary sector – industries that transform resources into products, such as Manufacturing
  • Tertiary sector – industries that deliver products and services to companies and customers, such as Accounting and Retail.

The Goods-producing industries include the Main and Secondary sectors. The service industry refers to the tertiary market. The North American Industry Classification System classifies industries and employment.

  • Agriculture, forestry, agriculture, and hunting account for 5% of all employment in the area.
  • Construction and manufacturing, which account for 35% of all workers, account for 35% of total employment.
  • The tertiary sector employs 60% of the workforce.
  • 22% of the workers are in traditionally government-funded industries such as Education, Medical care, and Public officials.

Average salaries: In Winkler, Manitoba, the average annual payroll is $59,949 (CAD), or $29 per hour (CAD).

Retail Merchandiser: Retail Merchandisers guarantee that items are available at the correct store or on the right website, at the right price, and in the correct quantities. This entails collaborating closely with purchasing departments to reliably predict patterns, schedule stock levels, and monitor performance. In Winkler, the average hourly wage for a Retail Merchandiser is around $17.35.

Sales Associate: Sales Associates are in charge of the store’s overall efficiency, including maximizing sales, hiring and training employees, maintaining retail appearance, and monitoring costs and shortages. In Winkler, the average hourly wage for a supermarket store associate is $13.70.

Material Handler: Material Handler’s duties include maintaining inventory by identifying, tracking, and storing goods and equipment in storage, as well as monitoring inventory position. Aside from that, you’ll need to find products and equipment by pulling and checking those specified on production orders. In Winkler, the average hourly pay for a Material handler is approx. $16.96.

Supervisor of Food Service: Food Service Supervisors operate in food service facilities and are in charge of inspecting quality, resolving consumer grievances, storing stock, overseeing food storage, arranging changes, educating and empowering employees, and ensuring that safety standards are met. The estimated full-time annual wage for this career is between $25,000 and $35,000.

Pet Groomer: Bathing animals of varying sizes and personality types, trimming, cutting, or grooming fur, and removing stringy hair are all duties of the Pet Groomer. You should also be able to check that grooming equipment and supplies are in decent working order. The annual gross wage for a dog groomer in Pukatawagan, Manitoba is $28,315 per year, or $14 per hour.

Boutique Sales Associate: Boutique Sales Associates operate in independent retail shops offering products from a select number of brands. Approaching clients, marketing merchandise, offering details on offers, answering customer questions, and receiving payments are all common duties specified on a Boutique Sales Associate resume sample. In Winkler, the median hourly wage for a retail sales associate is $14.15.

Store General Manager: The General Manager is in charge of recruiting, training, training, disciplining, and terminating employees at the shop. Making employee tasks, assigning schedules and duties to staff, and ensuring that all responsibilities and assignments are followed in the shop. A general manager’s gross annual salary in Winkler, Manitoba is $69,970.