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Marketing is the process by which an organisation promotes the purchase, sale of a product or service. Advertising, selling, and distributing goods to customers or other companies are both examples of marketing. Affiliates perform some marketing on behalf of an organisation.

Professionals in a company’s marketing and promotion divisions use ads to attract the interest of important potential customers. Celebrity endorsements, catchy phrases or slogans, memorable packaging or graphic designs, and overall media attention are all examples of targeted promotions.

Understanding the 4Ps of Marketing

The Four Ps of marketing is a product, price, place, and promotion. The Four Ps make up the necessary marketing mix that an organisation requires to sell a product or service. In the 1950s, Neil Borden popularised the marketing mix and the idea of the Four Ps.

1. Product

A commodity is an item or collection of products that a company wants to sell to consumers. The product should aim to fill a gap in the market or satisfy customer demand for more of a product that is already available. Marketers must first consider what product is being marketed, how it differs from its rivals, whether the product can be combined with a secondary product or product line, and whether there are replacement goods on the market before they can plan an adequate campaign.

2. Price

The price of a commodity refers to how much it would cost the company to sell it. Companies must weigh the unit cost price, marketing costs, and delivery costs when determining a price. Companies must also consider the prices of competing goods in the marketplace, as well as whether their proposed price point is appropriate to represent a viable option for customers.

3. Place

The location of a product’s delivery is called ‘Place’. If the product will be sold in a retail store, online, or via all distribution channels is a significant factor. What kind of physical product placement does it get when it’s sold in a store? What kind of digital product placement does it get when it’s sold online?

4. Promotion

The integrated marketing relations strategy is the fourth ‘P’, or promotion. Advertisement, selling, promotional promotions, public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship, and guerrilla marketing are all examples of promotion.

What’s the scope of Marketing in Canada?

Few other sectors can equal the pressures and rewards of marketing in Canada. This diverse and growing sector represents the burgeoning business community in Canada, which has seen considerable success since 2009. The marketing industry in Canada produced $6.98 billion in sales in 2010, up to $150 million from the previous year’s estimate of $6.83 billion. This industry’s profitability increased significantly during this period, with an 11 percent profit margin in 2010, up from 9 percent in 2009. This rapid expansion of the sector has resulted in corresponding increases in wages and job prospects.

General Skills to Work as a Marketer in Canada

Marketing Job Opportunities in Canada

The three major marketing centres in Canada, including the banking, insurance, and accounting industries, are based in the country’s three largest cities: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. These three cities are home to some of the country’s most prominent marketing agencies and firms, with a variety of marketing positions available to the right candidate. So, if you’re looking for a job as a brand manager, a social media consultant, or a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, you’ll almost certainly find a number of opportunities in Canada.

Looking for a company to work as a Marketer in Canada?

There is a range of marketing recruiters operating across Canada, with Randstad Canada being the most well-known. Smart Savvy & Associates in Vancouver recruits staff for media, concerts, and marketing positions in British Columbia and throughout Canada, with a focus on people with several years of experience. While in Toronto, IQ Partners is a well-known source for employment in a variety of fields, including SEO and market research analytics, as well as mobile marketing and digital media.

Average salary of a Marketer in Canada

In Canada, the average marketing wage is $52,639 a year ($26.99 per hour). Entry-level jobs start at $31,217 per year, with the highest-paid employees earning up to $94,551 per year.