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New Brunswick, one of the popular provinces of Canada is home to millions of people across the world. Though the province is not as populated yet it has a character unique to all of Canada. Thousands of jobs are added to this land every year and the Entrepreneurial opportunities are limitless.

Speaking of job opportunities, most of the modern sectors are focused on finance and insurance, with companies choosing to start a business here because of the abundance of bilingual residents. Not only this, but the IT sector is also growing in several cities in New Brunswick.

One of the best things about living in New Brunswick is the low cost of living, which happens to be the most important part of one’s life. The province is perfect for a family to relocate to because it is quite affordable to live in and earn. Within a few years of experience, many newcomers find it easy to buy their own houses in the province. Reportedly, the average price of a house is around $175,000. As per the laws of Canada, all permanent residents and citizens of New Brunswick enjoy free universal healthcare, which is already a bonus.


Speaking of jobs, the province’s present minimum wage rate is $11.70 per hour. Full-time employees are typically expected to work a minimum of 36 ¼ hours weekly. Are you someone who wants to make a living in New Brunswick but is not aware of how to even start? Then you have clicked the right article because here we have listed some of the jobs near New Brunswick that you can easily apply for-

1. Survey Assistant

A Survey assistant is someone who is asked to join marketing campaigns and participate in various branding projects to help shape retail sales and direct sales. If you are the kind of person who loves exploring, then this job might get fit for you.

The responsibilities also include writing marketing-related feedback for internal and external use. Content creation, from commercial guides and product videos, is also required.

2. Full-Time Store Associate

The job of a full-time store associate is easily available in Brunswick. One can even progress from a store associate to cashier to stocker while providing brilliant customer service. You’re also responsible for merchandising products, monitoring stock and keeping the store’s decor at its best. You can grab this opportunity to get more out of your career and grow in a disciplined environment.

3. Teacher

One who lives in Canada knows the value of education the country provides to its international students. If you’re someone who would like to help students and their families to achieve their academic goals and dreams, then you must apply for this role. Teaching students part-time or full-time is your will.

4. Part-Time Delivery

Part-Time delivery is another most popular and easily available job that one can find near Brunswick. Deliver for a few hours in the mornings, nights, or just on weekends; it’s all up to you. What can be more interesting than earning money at your convenience?

5. Sanitation Aide

Cleanliness is an important aspect of etiquettes that one must follow. And this service is high-in-demand in the province. Your work is to maintain the rooms and other areas clean, sanitized and safe. This includes washing pans by hand, operating, cleaning and sanitizing the dish machine and etc.

6. Receptionist

The job of a receptionist is to provide excellent customer service to the clients of the company. This also includes clerical duties, such as filing and sorting and distributing mail, obtaining and process information required to provide services.


Apart from the above-mentioned jobs, there are plenty of other job options that one can look for. Shedding some light on the province’s resource-based opportunities, New Brunswick is dependent largely on forestry, mining, and fishing, tourism, and a growing service sector that provide balance and diversity.

Talking about the tourism industry, it is also gaining wide recognition in terms of good work opportunities. People with prior experience in the hotel and services industry may find their dream job here. Though all these work options are easily available, one should never have a second thought on polishing their skills. Work on your skills and you will get your desired job soon!!