Bathurst Jobs Near Me

Bathurst is the county seat of Gloucester County, New Brunswick, and is situated on the delta of the Nepisiguit River. Bathurst is a city in Canada’s eastern province of New Brunswick. Bathurst is located in the province of New Brunswick and is bordered to the north by Québec, to the southeast by Nova Scotia, and to the west by the U. S.

The reduced standard of living is among the best aspects of staying in New Brunswick. New Brunswick, rather than any other province in Canada, is ideal for relocating a family because it is too inexpensive to move there. 


In 1914, the Bathurst Power and Paper Company built the city’s first pulp mill. It soon grew to be Bathurst’s biggest employer, bringing wealth to the city as a whole. In 1923, the mill was enlarged to produce paper. Consolidated-Bathurst Ltd took over the business in 1968.

As a result of deindustrialization, Bathurst has transitioned from an agricultural and resource-based economy to a service-based industry. Bathurst serves over 190,000 people in northern New Brunswick with shopping, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.

Apart from this, Lumbering and fishing are the mainstays of the city’s economy. A pulp mill was established in the early twentieth century, and pulp and boxboard manufacturing is now the main industry.

What kind of jobs can I acquire in Bathurst, NB?

Occupational / Physiotherapy Assistant: Occupational Therapy Assistants conduct clerical tasks such as arranging meetings, gathering documentation, and recording health care billings. They assess clients who are psychologically, developmentally, or socially deficient in their everyday life skills or capacities. In Bathurst, the average hourly wage for a physiotherapy assistant is $19.49.


Administrative Assistant: Secretaries and administrative assistants are responsible for creating and maintaining file systems. Secretaries and administrative assistants handle clerical and administrative tasks on a daily basis. They help other employees by organizing files, preparing paperwork, scheduling appointments, and assisting. Entry-level workplace staff workers typically earn about $13 per hour. Many higher-level administrative assistant positions cost about $20 per hour on average.

Assistant Production Managers/Supervisors: In this job, you’ll be the in charge of preparing and executing production procedures. They keep track of product levels and expenses, as well as providing administrative assistance. Procuring raw materials and supplies, appointing laborers, and coordinating with other agencies are all part of their responsibilities. In Bathurst, NB, the annual wage for a Production Supervisor is $65,481.

Data Specialist: A data specialist’s function is to translate raw information into formats that are readily available to customers. It is your responsibility to first review and checks the accuracy of data, then translate the data to a more user-friendly format, such as a spreadsheet, produce reports, and provide technical assistance to your clients. The yearly salary for a computer analyst in Bathurst, New Brunswick is $72,240.

Marketing Copywriter: A marketing copywriter’s task is to write convincing, concise, and sales-oriented copy that attracts and educates consumers by convincing content publishing. They are also in charge of brand messaging, radio, and television broadcasts to reach out to their clients. In Bathurst, New Brunswick, the average copywriter earnings is $69162 a year, or $33 per hour.

Payroll Administrator: Payroll Administrator is responsible for processes payroll, reconciles the payroll sub-ledger to the general ledger, remits payroll taxes, and submits government reports. Not just that, but you’ll also need to file payroll records on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis. In New Brunswick, a payroll admin earns an average of $21.69 per hour.

Client Care Professional: As part of a financial operations unit, a Client Services Officer is responsible for providing services to clients. Client transfers are handled, individual client caseloads are managed, and complicated matters are escalated further up the chain. In the town, the average hourly pay for a customer care worker is $13.98.

Construction Painter: Construction Painter: The painting process is the final step in the construction process. Painting affects a building’s overall look, both inside and out. As a result, it should be carried out with due care and attention to detail. In Bathurst, New Brunswick, the median building painter income is $47,435 a year, or $23 per hour.