Campbellton Jobs Near Me

Campbellton is a town located in Restigouche County, New Brunswick, Canada, with a population of around 6,883. The J. C. Van Horne Bridge connects Campbellton to the Province of Quebec across the bay. Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon is common in the area. Every summer, a large number of anglers flock to the Restigouche River in the hopes of getting an Atlantic Salmon.


Fishing, camping, cycling, climbing, bike riding, white water rafting, canoeing, boating, having a picnic, sightseeing, and xc skiing, downhill mountain biking, and ice skating are among the most common activities in Campbellton, New Brunswick.

The Restigouche Gallery, the Water Street Murals, the Kedgwick Forestry Museum, and the Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site of Canada (Pointe-à-la-Croix, Quebec) are among the museums, heritage, and music attractions to visit in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The local economy depends on forestry and travel, with a paper mill in nearby Atholville being the area’s largest single employer.

But apart from this, if you’re looking for some jobs in Campbellton, NB then we have listed some of them here: 

Personal Support Worker: Support Workers play an important role in the treatment of disabled people and their families. Help Workers offer logistical assistance, such as assisting with domestic activities, paperwork, drug administration, and personal treatment. They frequently provide moral support as well. On average Personal Support Worker (PSW) with 4 years of expertise receives an annual gross salary of C$14.30 in Campbellton.

Event Coordinator: Organize guest registration, organize activities and publicity materials, and publicize events are some of the duties as an event coordinator. Arrange for entertainment and social events for the attendees. Hire, prepare, and supervise the event’s support personnel. Ensure that all by-laws are followed. In Campbellton, NB, an Event Coordinator’s annual salary is projected to be $38,000.

TV maintenance technician: Inspect, track, measure, and change cable transmission and delivery systems as a TV repair technician. Faulty wires, power sources, amplifiers, and other transmitting and delivery systems should be repaired or replaced. Climb posts, ladders, or other support devices to operate aloft. Service technicians in Campbellton earn an average of $50,324 a year, or $25.81 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $32,175 a year, with the most skilled workers earning up to $78,000. 

Clean Laundry Processor: Clean Laundry Processor has to dry-clean dresses, suits, jackets, sweaters, and other clothes, as well as draperies, sofa covers, and other items. To clean and dry clothes, sheets, mats, tissues, and other products, use washing machines and dryers. Clean and dry fur garments with robots. $16.99 – $18.29 per hour is the median wage of a Clean Laundry Processor in Campbellton.

Security Guard: Patrolling the house, tracking surveillance systems, checking houses, equipment, and access points, and allowing entry are all examples of security guard duties. By sounding warnings, he is able to obtain assistance. Reports irregularities, inform policy and protocol violators and restrains trespassers to prevent losses and harm. In New Brunswick, the average hourly wage for a security guard is $14.33.

Cook: A cook, also known as a line cook, is responsible for handling ingredients, managing customer orders, preparing menus, and organizing their office during the day in compliance with health regulations. In Campbellton, New Brunswick, the average hourly wage for a Cook is $13.96.

Social Animator: A collective engagement animator, also known as a “Social Animator” or “Cultural Animator,” is an applied sociologist that works with groups on grassroots initiatives. They create and foster learning opportunities that promote local and social change initiatives. The median animator income in Campbellton, NB is $82299 annually or $40 per hour.

Insurance Broker: An insurance broker is a person who sells various forms of insurance plans. They are in charge of marketing new offerings to new and existing customers, as well as locating the right insurance package for their clients and completing all required paperwork. In Campbellton, the annual wage for an Insurance Broker is C$79,900.

Retail Department Manager: Retail Department Managers are in charge of a wide range of responsibilities, including overseeing overall retail activities, hiring and organizing staff, educating and reviewing employees, and following up on job performance, among others. A Store Manager’s hourly wage ranges from $12 to $16.88 in Campbellton.