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Dieppe is a settlement in New Brunswick, Canada’s maritime province. In 2016, Statistics Canada estimated the population to be 25,384, making it the province’s fourth-largest city. Dieppe’s name and roots can be traced back to antiquity.

Dieppe, New Brunswick’s quickest developing city, is home to a thriving culture and a popular destination for many young couples. It has nearly a population of 25,384 people, and the majority of its residents earn more than the low-income cut-off, which is the minimum amount of money an individual must earn to be deemed low-income. Most earn more than the national average earnings of $76,963 a year, which is $2,016.

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If talking about the living standard in Dieppe, the table of household incomes indicates how many families fell under each of Statistics Canada’s wage brackets. Dieppe’s housing costs are comparable to the national average, earning a 6 out of 10 ratings. A cost of living score of 1 means the most costly, while a score of 10 indicates the least expensive.

Dieppe, New Brunswick is the best place if you want to live in a coastal urban region that is still connected to nature. Dieppe is renowned for its European-style architecture and for being close to nature walks, parks, forests, and even a beach. Dieppe has become one of the region’s fastest-growing cities due to its unusual location.

Bilingual Contact Center Representative: Bilingual Contact Center Representatives offer customer support in both English and a foreign language. Taking phone calls, answering customer questions, interpreting records, resolving customer problems, and reporting to supervisors are all important responsibilities described on a Bilingual Customer Service Representative resume sample. In Dieppe, New Brunswick, a Bilingual Contact Center Representative earns between $13.84 and $17.18 per hour.

Marketing Coordinator: Marketing coordinators perform logistical and management duties in support of a range of programs, campaigns, or activities. Communicating with clients or employers regarding mission, case, or campaign priorities and objectives is one of the most common coordinator roles and responsibilities. In Dieppe, the estimated annual income for a Marketing Coordinator is $54088.

Assistant Fitness Manager: Assist with the department’s financial management, which includes meeting personal exercise sales and benefit targets while still keeping costs under control. Help in establishing that all personal trainers work the set number of hours allowed. In Dieppe, NB, the annual average wage for an Assistant Fitness Manager is $48,701.

Physiotherapy Assistant Program Instructor: A Physiotherapy Assistant’s purpose is to manage the care of patients that are sick or disabled. These specialists deal with patients of all ages, including children, parents, babies, and the elderly. Assistants must be familiar with how to use a variety of tools, therapy, and walking aids. In the city, the median wage for a physiotherapy assistant is $19.49.

Institutional Cook: In a conventional, roast, or stir fry setting, an Institutional Cook provides quality food according to budget specifications using bulk-cooking methods. They cater to specific dietary criteria, such as nutritional, faith, and ethnic tastes. In Dieppe, a line cook’s typical hourly wage is $13.25 per hour.

Finance Officer: Organize and carry out financial transfers and operations such as bill paying, invoicing, and payroll, among others. Assist the audit process by supplying requested information and documentation. Fill out paperwork and file documents, among other administrative functions. In Dieppe, New Brunswick, the monthly wage for a Finance Officer is C$40321.

Fitness Club Manager: Club owners are in charge of ensuring that a wellness or health club’s activities and administration are as efficient as possible. Club managers supervise a squad of fitness associates every day to ensure that the club’s clients are happy with their personalized service. In Canada, the average fitness manager wage is $40,950 a year ($21 per hour). Starting salaries for entry-level jobs start at $34,125 a year, with most seasoned employees earning up to $60,000 a year.

Data Entry Clerk: Data entry clerks insert information into a database or documentation portal using computers and data processing programs. They may even be asked to transcribe information from transcripts or phone calls. In Dieppe, New Brunswick, the average hourly wage for a data entry clerk is $14.19.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative roles are those that have to do with keeping an office running smoothly. These responsibilities vary somewhat from one job to the next, but they often include activities such as arranging appointments, answering calls, meeting guests, and keeping the organization’s file systems coordinated. In the city of New Brunswick, the median hourly income for an administrative assistant is $19.52.