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Edmundston is in the “panhandle” of New Brunswick, situated in the northeastern Appalachian Mountains at the confluence of Saint John and Madawaska Rivers in the province’s northwest corner.

Edmundston is geographically located only a few kilometers from the Quebec border and on the US border directly across the Edmundston–Madawaska Bridge from the region of Madawaska, Maine.

The Saint John River paper industry is an integral part of Edmundston’s economy. Historically, the river supplied mills with water power and served as a road for log drives transporting pulpwood from offshore forests. While the river continues to provide water for paper production, environmental issues promote pulpwood distribution by roadway and rail.

The Twin Rivers pulp mill, formerly operated by Fraser Papers and now owned by Norbord, by way of Noranda Forest and Nexfor, is among the city’s main factories, with many sawmills and paper plants in the region.

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Edmundston’s increasing economy and population can result in increased capital expenditure in housing and resources. Residents of all ages contribute to the financial and social well-being of their societies and provinces by serving, paying taxes, and volunteering and donating.

Administrative Assistants: Administrative assistants are those who help an organization run smoothly. General office administration, answering calls, speaking with customers, supporting an employer, clerical work (such as keeping documents and entering data), and several other duties can be included in this support. In Edmundston, NB, an Administrative Assistant’s hourly wage is calculated to be $18.76.

Associate Insurance Advisor: You will be given the authority to respond to client queries and problems, as well as handle consumer grievances and escalate issues as required. You will have complete autonomy in developing and implementing marketing campaigns that outline goals and activities for expanding multi-line client partnerships and attracting new customers. In Edmundston, the estimated yearly salary for an Insurance Advisor is $47372.

Client Account Specialist: An accounting expert assists in the management of all types of financial statements within an organization. Accounting experts maintain meticulous track of all accounts payable and receivable, ensuring that invoices are received as they are due and that customers pay invoices on time. In the area, a Client Account Specialist’s annual salary is expected to be between $39,000 and $53,000.

Organization Manager: Plan, coordinate, monitor, regulate, and assess the activities of a department that provides single or multiple administrative services. Aside from that, a Department Manager’s responsibilities include meeting revenue goals and executing sales plans, account monitoring, forecasting potential sales, and customer support, including managing requests and grievances. In Edmundston, New Brunswick, the average bond department manager income is $107396 a year, or $52 per hour.

Post Office Assistant: You’ll need to offer postal goods and services to the corporate sector and the general public as a Post Office Assistant. Sorting, distributing, and processing mail into suitable classifications are needed. You must also give facts and forms to consumers. Often, fix distribution and service issues to fully and effectively overcome issues. In Edmundston, NB, the average hourly wage for a Post Office Assistant is $17.73. 

Business Installation & Repair Technician: Installation and Repair Services for Businesses Install, maintain, and fix a variety of speech, data, surveillance, and VoiP communication services and components as a technician. You will ensure that job orders are done using your client service expertise. In Edmundston, New Brunswick, the average wage for a company installation and maintenance technician is $17.7 – $21.

Mortgage Specialist: A mortgage specialist is a licensed salesperson whose primary goal is to increase business and income by cultivating deep family, neighborhood, and realtor relationships. Individuals are paid based on the number of orders they place, but they are limited to the goods sold by the bank or institution where they work. Mortgage Specialists in the region earn between $40,000 and $60,000 a year on average.

Physician: Physicians and surgeons are medical professionals who detect and cure injuries and illnesses. Patients are examined, medical records are taken, prescriptions are prescribed, and diagnostic examinations are ordered, performed, and interpreted by physicians. Patients are also counseled on diet, grooming, and preventive healthcare. Edmundston, New Brunswick’s annual family medicine practitioner income is $225054 a year, or $108 per hour.

Canada/U.S. Owner Operator: Owner-operators are responsible for safely transporting big freight trucks over long distances while adhering to all traffic rules in Canada and the United States. They also help prepare and unload freight, schedule directions, communicate with dispatchers, and keep track of all trucking operations. In Edmundston, NB, an Owner Operator Driver’s annual income is projected to be $77449.