Fredericton Jobs Near Me

The Canadian region of New Brunswick has Fredericton as its seat. The city is located in the county’s west-central region, along the Saint John River, which divides the city and flows west to east. The river is the city’s most prominent unique phenomenon. The area has a population of 69 595 people and was one of New Brunswick’s major cities. After Moncton, it’s the province’s third-largest city.

Fredericton is recognized as Canada’s craft breweries manufacturing capital. In Atlantic Canada, the region has the largest concentration of breweries, meaderies, and cideries.

In reality, the competition in Fredericton is being driven by a high level of demand from people moving to the city. Fredericton is a very attractive place to live and invest in property because of its low unemployment rate, economic prosperity, inexpensive accommodation, and high quality of life.


The government of New Brunswick and universities are the main employers in the province, which helps to boost the economy. Furthermore, as the provincial capital, the city’s economy is heavily reliant on the public sector; nevertheless, the city’s IT and industrial sectors are expanding. The region has the most inhabitants with post-secondary schooling in the province, as well as the highest median revenue in any city in New Brunswick.

The below is a list of Fredericton’s main business sectors:

Communication & Knowledge Technology is a powerful tool.

Science of life and health.

Aerospace and Security

Agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries are three of the most important industries in the world.

Manufacturing is the process of making everything.

Resources of Natural Origin (including Forestry & Wood products)

Tourism and culture go hand in hand.

Entrepreneurship by teenagers

Procurement Specialist: Procurement Specialists must have an inquisitive corporate mind. Employees must constantly take calculated chances, think dynamically, and take a particular interest in how the company is doing, not only within their own organization but around the board, in order to succeed in this difficult sector. In Fredericton, NB, a Procurement Manager’s annual salary is projected to be $64415.

Architectural Engineering: Create designs outlining design requirements, building materials, costs, and construction schedules by conceptualizing and designing structures. Prepare models and drawings for customers. Prepare or supervise the development of building plans, measurements, and other documentation for contractors and tradespeople. According to practice, the pay range for Architectural Engineering in Fredericton is $40,000 to $70,000 annually.

Administrative Assistants: Administrative assistants are those who help an organization run smoothly. General office administration, answering calls, speaking with customers, supporting an employer, clerical work (such as keeping documents and entering data), and a number of other duties can be included in this support. In Fredericton, New Brunswick, the yearly pay for an Administrative Assistant is C$39140.

Admissions Advisor: As a member of the college or university team, their function is to plan recruiting activities in order to educate students and their families about admissions procedures, eligibility criteria, financial aid options, and enrolment. In Fredericton, NB, an Admissions Advisor’s annual salary is projected to be $45354.

Technical Analyst: Technical Analyst has to do the analysis, such as interviewing people about customer needs and developing project specifications. To identify and execute project specifications, analyze and coordinate the knowledge collected. Go between managers and staff to improve employee morale during programs. In Fredericton, NB, a Technical Analyst’s annual compensation is expected to be between $66508 and $71138.

Salesforce Administrators are device operators who specialize in Salesforce’s portfolio of products. They are the first point of touch with any employees who have concerns or need training on a Salesforce product. In Fredericton, New Brunswick, the yearly income for a Salesforce Administrator is C$57441.

Network Technician: A Computer Network Technician, also known as a Network Technician, is a person who operates an organization’s network system. Technicians keep an eye on a company’s computing network on a daily basis. They also assist in the installation of all systems’ hardware and applications. In Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, the average wage for a Network Engineer is $103,256 per year and $50 per hour.