Saint John Jobs Near Me

Saint John is a seaport settlement on the Bay of Fundy in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The meeting of the Saint John River and the Bay of Fundy is a unique location. The nation’s first city is undergoing a transformation.

The city is bustling with activity at all hours of the day and night and is well worth a stop on every Canadian road trip to the coast. We were drawn to Saint John not only because of its historic heart but also because it serves as an excellent base for exploring the Bay of Fundy.

Saint John:

Saint John started as a fishing trade outpost for Europeans. Although the fishery is still significant, the city is now recognized as the province’s offshore oil and gas service center. The thriving arts and cultural culture of St. John are also well-known.

Saint John’s Economy relies on maritime enterprises including transportation, fishing, and shipbuilding provided the foundation for Saint John’s economy. In Saint John’s economy, the arts and culture sector is very important. In the city’s Eastside, the city retains manufacturing facilities including Canada’s biggest oil refinery and the nation’s largest dry dock. Mining, oceanic sciences, research and technology, e-commerce, telecom, shopping, and tourism are some of the city’s most important industries.

Some Highest Paying Jobs in Saint John, NB:

Insurance Advisor: An Insurance Advisor, also known as a Financial Advisor, helps clients in retirement plans, saving, and risk management. Clients’ material liabilities are assessed by Policy Advisors, who look at their assets and obligations, tax situation, current insurance, and risk analysis. In Saint John, New Brunswick, the estimated annual wage for an Insurance Advisor is $38087.

Customer Experience Associate: As a customer experience associate, you’ll meet customers, assist them in finding items, hear what they’re looking for in a business, and maybe settle a complaint. You’ll need a high school diploma or similar, as well as a polite, outgoing personality, to work as a customer service partner. In Saint John, the average Customer Experience Associate’s pay is $17 on an hourly basis.

Service Coordinator: In order to optimize corporate success, Service Coordinators supervise and inspire Customer Service teams. The majority of their responsibilities revolve around maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement, such as investigating grievances, introducing new processes, and creating and executing customer retention programs. In Saint John, NB, a Service Coordinator’s hourly wage is calculated to be $23.12.

Sales Representative: The work duties of a sales representative involve marketing goods and addressing consumer demands. By preparing and coordinating a regular work schedule to call on current or prospective distribution channels and other trade considerations, this position services existing customers obtain orders and develop new accounts. In Saint John, NB, the average annual wage for a Sales Representative is $50902.

Driver Supervisor: A transportation supervisor’s primary responsibility is to supervise the staff, workload, and everyday practices of companies that depend on vehicle usage as part of their routine operations. Maintain partnerships with outside FTL and LTL carriers to ensure that warehouse customers get the highest transportation prices. In Saint John, NB, the median annual income for a Driver is $19.48.

As an advisor to the boss, a division administrator handles the activities of a company’s single location or branch. Monitoring the proper running of the building, handling regular accounting tasks, and conducting other administrative tasks can all be part of the work responsibilities in this role. In Saint John, New Brunswick, the average monthly payment for an Operations Manager is $65900.

Indirect Tax Analyst: The indirect tax analyst is responsible for keeping up with indirect tax trends by reporting, updating, and analysing amendments to indirect tax laws, related court proceedings, and government budget announcements. In Saint John, the annual tax analyst income is $75,992 a year, or $38.97 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $44,888 a year, with the highest-paid employees earning up to $97,500 annually.