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Newfoundland and Labrador is a people-friendly province of Canada known for its natural creativity, unique language, and good people. And this could possibly be the reason for Maclean’s magazine to declare Newfoundland and Labrador as one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cultures in the World! A unique province on the east coast of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador’s area consists of islands and a small population of over 500, 000 people.

The province is Canada’s most unified area with over 97% speaking English as their main language. Newfoundland and Labrador offer a simple and affordable quality of life. The cost of living here is much lower when compared to many of the larger centres in Canada, like Toronto or Vancouver.


The province has a low average income for families in Newfoundland with a minimum wage of $11.00/hr, while the housing and heating costs, as well as the cost of living, are generally among the lowest in Canada. Fact: Mining, especially iron ore, produces approximately 50% of Canada’s iron supplies with offshore oil rigs fueling 20% of the province’s GDP. The fast-growing economy has emerged with so many new job opportunities for the people living in the province.

Newfoundland and Labrador provide immigrants with many work opportunities in the fields of fishery and resources. Due to the richness of the land in the above-mentioned resources, there is a constant need for skilled workers. One should not worry about getting a job in this province as there’s never a shortage of work to do around here.


1 . Administrative Assistant

This role is quite high in demand. The work of an administrative assistant is to type and proofread documents; manage office procedures and routines; answer work calls and messages. It also includes taking care of electronic enquiries and maintaining inventory.

2. Office Receptionist

A receptionist is someone who has to receive visitors at the front desk by greeting, answering and forwarding incoming phone calls. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization from where the person has to keep an eye on everything.

3. Cook

Do you love cooking? And want to earn from it? Then you can apply for the job of a cook whose primary work is to cook and manage kitchen operations. Duties include keeping the kitchen and work areas clean; Maintaining inventory and records of food. One can easily earn a good amount of money by taking this job on a part-time basis or full-time basis.

4. Home Support Worker

Home support workers also enjoy good demand in Newfoundland and Labrador are often hired for works like food and household supplies; Personal care; Provide companionship; Prepare and serve meals. The work also includes housekeeping and cleaning duties, Laundry and assisting clients with bathing and other aspects of personal hygiene.

5. Driver Salesperson

A driver salesperson is expected to sell products over established routes, pay and receive payments for goods, load and unload goods. You will also have to record trip information like vehicle mileage, fuel costs and any problems, operate and drive automobiles, vans and light trucks to pick up and deliver various items and products.

6. Retail Sales Manager

The duties of a retail sales manager are to operate finance, manage staff and assign duties; resolve problems such as customer complaints and supply shortages. It also includes providing advice about merchandise, greeting customers and discussing type, quality and quantity of merchandise.

7. Health Care Worker

This is one of the most popular jobs in the province where you need to have excellent engaging skills to help the clients in their routine work. Advocate for the clients and collaborate with the team to provide them with the best possible outcomes. With the healthcare industry growing at a fast-pace scale, there’s a high possibility that the jobs in the next coming years, most of them would be regarding health-care. Be it a nursing attendant or part-time health-care supporter, people will find plenty of job options in this field.

The government of Canada also releases some good job positions as per the need of the economy. So, one can also opt for government sector opportunities in Canada.

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