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Nova Scotia is known as the most beautiful maritime province with stunning offshore islands, gorgeous beaches, and charming waterfront cities. The quality of life in Nova Scotia is just amazing which lures immigrants to earn their living here. Whether a person prefers sandy beaches and coastal cliffs, or the culture and energy of city life, you’re never far from any of them. The weather of Nova Scotia is moderate, and there’s plenty to explore no matter what time of year it is. You can try out skiing and skate in the winter, hiking, golf, and surfing in the summer, and theatre and music festivals all year long. What else do you need?

Some good places to live in Nova Scotia are Halifax, Cape Breton, Truro, Lunenburg, and Baddeck. Well, the cost of living in Nova Scotia can be pretty high. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Halifax is $1,510. Having mentioned that, the rent in the big city isn’t as high as in Toronto in which a similar apartment would be $2,230. Though it can be a bit difficult for a common man to earn a living here but a man is nothing without his efforts.


According to the most recent census of Canada, the entire province of Nova Scotia has a population of just under one million. This is about one-quarter the size of the population of Montreal and the surrounding area, and one-sixth the size of Toronto. With five key regions and everything from small towns to growing big cities, Nova Scotia has a variety of industries and businesses that one can choose from. Halifax is Nova Scotia’s capital city and is known as the largest urban metropolis.

Well, speaking of the employment scenario, it is dominated by the service sector. This includes over 85% of jobs are in the service sector, significantly higher than the rest of the province. Other industries like health care and administration are also growing strong. Another fact is that Nova Scotia is dominated by agriculturally-driven fields and construction.

Well, not only the service sector but the goods industry also accounts for one-quarter of employment in Nova Scotia. Social service sectors, as well as public administration, have also seen a hike in their development. Other industries such as construction, forestry, fishing, mining, and oil and gas also continue to be opportunity sectors for this area. Coming to the job timings, people in the province are experiencing gains in both full and part-time employment.


1. Database Analysts

The job of a database analyst is one of the most high-in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia. Database analysts or administrators design and direct the data analysis. They are also responsible for reporting, visualization, and taking care of the management systems behind companies of all sizes. One can easily earn an average amount of $28 per hour.

2. Administrative Consultants

Consultants are another in-demand job in the province and are growth-oriented. The duties of a consultant require to investigate the requirements of various computer systems and discuss with non-technical users to implement solutions. They’re also responsible for analyzing problems, designing software solutions, and writing secure code, testing routines & documentation to maintain effectiveness, efficiency, and creativity in the organization. The average hourly wage can be expected approximately $33 per hour.

3. Deck Officers

The most convenient job can be of a deck officer whose work is to operate. This role is for a government sector employee where they have to supervise and coordinate the activities of deck crews, keep watch, navigate and practice ship safety. One can earn a handsome amount of money as the average hourly wage could be around $33 per hour.

4. Engineering Techs

With the growing IT sector, the employment options for engineers are also rising. An Engineering Technician is responsible for providing specialized support and services in the design, testing, creation, and operation of electronic equipment and systems. The technician is mostly employed in industries like utilities, communications, manufacturing, processing, transportation, consulting, and government. The expected salary is $30 per hour.

5. Financial and Investment Analysts

The financial department of a country is the most crucial field that one needs to be sure about. And for that, the government has released so many job options for the people who have some prior experience in finance. The duties of a financial and investment analyst are to make strategic business recommendations for the company based on complex financial data. They are asked to provide advice on the historical performances and future trends of stocks, bonds, and other investments and are hired throughout the private and public sectors. The expected salary is $23 per hour.