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Cumberland County is located in the Nova Scotia region of Canada. There are three cities in the county: Portland, South Portland, and Westbrook, as well as 25 municipalities. The County currently has a population of about 319,431 people and covers about 661 square miles. The Sandhills is the name for the field. Cumberland County has evolved from a riverfront fulfillment hub to a heavily commercialized city with a wide range of facilities for its residents.

  • Diverse-minded businesses Via engagement in Supplier Diversity acquisition schemes, Nova Scotia Businesses with Diversity are increasing sales and forming new alliances.
  • Technology for Oceans  
  • Fisheries 
  • Information and Communications
  • Advanced Manufacturing of Agri-Food
  • Capital Markets
  • Naval Defense
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Household Earnings: A worker in Nova Scotia earns about 113,000 CAD per year on average. Salaries range from 28,500 CAD (the lowest average) to 503,000 CAD (the highest median). This is the regular annual wage, which includes lodging, transportation, and other perks.

Custodian: A custodian is a caring adult who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who will look after and protect the minor boy. For minors aged 17 and up, a custodian is not required, although an officer can order one on an individual basis. Custodians in Nova Scotia earn an annual hourly wage of $16.06.

Registered Counselling Therapists: Counseling psychologists assist individuals with physical, social, and mental wellbeing problems in improving their sense of well-being, reducing anxiety, and resolving emergencies. More serious psychiatric effects are also assessed, diagnosed, and treated by them. In Nova Scotia, the average hourly wage for a psychiatrist is $31.71.

Superintendent: A superintendent is a professional who has been given the authority to supervise, command, or oversee something. Plan, schedule, coordinate, guide, and monitor building programs from beginning to end in accordance with schedules, requirements, and budgets. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the median wage for a Construction Superintendent is C$82723.

Radiological Technologist: Radiologic Technologist: Use radiologic devices to create body pictures for medical purposes. Set exposure period and distance according to examination specifications by positioning radiologic equipment and adjusting controls. To ensure patient treatment and safety, take x-rays in accordance with existing radiologic standards and regulations. In Nova Scotia, the average hourly wage for an X-ray technician is $31.73.

Pharmacy Practice Assistant: Ensure that incoming items are received and placed on shelves, along with tags and prices, according to instructions. Shift older medications to the front shelf and use them until they expire. Ascertain that the pharmacy is still well-organized and safe. In Canada, the average hourly wage for a Nova Scotia Health Authority Pharmacy Assistant is $23.11, which is up 31% from the previous year.

Nurse: In a nursing role, empathy is essential for interacting with patients and their families and assisting them in coping with problems. Understanding and sharing your emotions with the patient and their family members is a pivotal step for a nurse. In Nova Scotia, the average hourly wage for a Registered Nurse is $38.13.

Radiology Clerk: Radiology Clerks work in radiology departments and perform a number of tasks, including meeting patients, arranging meetings, gathering patient information, storing file systems and radiology records, printing scanned images, and delivering X-ray films to doctors or patients. In Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, the median radiology clerk income is $46277 a year, or $22 an hour.

Health Care Social Worker: Medical support services assist patients and their partners in coping with the mental and social effects of diagnosis and recovery. Patients and their caregivers are also educated about entitlements, community benefits, and health care coverage. In Nova Scotia, the avg hourly wage for a social worker is $38.40.

Warehouse Worker: Warehouse employees are in charge of receiving and sorting incoming goods and supplies, picking and filling orders from storage, packaging, and shipping orders, as well as handling, arranging and retrieving products and other products. Warehouse workers in Nova Scotia earn an annual hourly wage of $15.93.

Enumerator: The primary duty as an enumerator would be to complete census surveys for inhabitants. Completing survey papers, collecting pertinent details, interpreting interview questions, and explaining survey forms to people are all specific duties of a Census Enumerator. In Canada, the average hourly wage for a Census Enumerator according to Statistics Canada is $18.06.


These are some of the common jobs that one can easily find in Canada but what else will help is networking! Talk to people, your colleagues, friends, neighbors and try to build a connection wherever you can, and that might lead to your destination. You can also register yourself with some employment agencies which can help you find the right opportunity. There are plenty of agencies that notify you of a job as per your skills and requirements.

A piece of extra advice that we can give is that you must focus on skill-building rather than running behind a particular job. Work on your skills, master them and then apply for a job. Till then, don’t lose hope and enjoy the journey.