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Nunavut, one of the newest and largest territories of Canada has been home to around 38,780 people. Well, Canada is the second-largest country in the world, so it is no surprise that it is home to all kinds of cities, towns, people, and cultures. This great variance from coast to coast unveils that there are various opportunities for newcomers, with in-demand new careers and friendly communities for everyone.


Though the northern territory of Nunavut is not that popular among many newcomers as Canada’s big cities, yet it offers some great opportunities in career options and lifestyle choices. Located in the northeastern corner of Canada, Nunavut is quite popular for its indigenous culture, cold weather, and pleasing scenery.

The population of Nunavut is 60% Inuit with Inuit, English, and French considered as the official languages. As per the statistics, there are less than 1,000 newcomers at present living in Nunavut, as few people immigrate to the territory each year. Regardless of this fact, the government makes sure to provide proper facilities to its residents.


Nunavut’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $1.75 billion in 2010 as per the Canadian statistics, which basically means that it saw an increase of 11.4 percent.
The government in this territory has ensured that their residents are well taken care of with necessary subsidies and the lowering of some essential produce items costs. Welcoming the traditional knowledge, values, and the new opportunities presented by technologies like the Internet, the Government of Nunavut now provides a wide range of services to satisfy the unique needs of approximately 34,023 residents. Speaking of the wage rate, currently, the minimum wage of $16 is the highest in the country.

As per some research over the year, sectors like Mining, Tourism, Fisheries, etc will see a significant surge in terms of economic growth, eventually generating more job opportunities. So explore these fields as we have listed them below-

1. Mineral Exploration and Mining

The necessary development in the mineral and petroleum resources has the potential to generate some vital economic benefits for Nunavut. Over the past few years, Nunavummiut has benefited at a large scale from mine exploration, development, and gold production.

2. Fisheries

Fisheries is another field that sees huge potential in the future. Commercial turbot, shrimp, and char fisheries have been developed in Nunavut, providing a wide range of goods access to global markets.

3. Tourism

Tourism is one of the fields that can never witness a decline in its demand, and all thanks to the outstanding natural beauty of Nunavut that continues to attract tourists from around the world. Reportedly, approximately 14,000 people visit Nunavut annually. The range of tourism activities varies from eco-tourism, sports hunting, fishing, cultural, adventurous, and educational activities.

4. Inuit Art

Well, the people of the territory are emotionally attached to the Inuit art which makes it more precious and high-in-demand. Showing the drawings and sculptures, how their ancestors lived in the world, Inuit artists are keeping their history alive. Inuit art production continues to play a crucial role in the economies of many of Nunavut’s communities.


The main industries of Nunavut are primarily resource-based industries, including traditional and commercial hunting, trapping, and fishing. Selling traditional arts and crafts is also an important part of the way in which individuals and families support themselves in Nunavut. Mining exploration and mining are also one of the growing industries, as there are plenty of areas that are yet to be explored in Nunavut. However, the northern position of the territory currently makes it pretty hectic and expensive to look for new resources and transport equipment. Last, but not least, the tourism industry. This industry is also growing in Nunavut, as people across the world are keen to explore its culture and natural beauty. So, for those of you who are interested in any of the above-mentioned industries, then making your future in Nunavut is maybe an intelligent step you have taken.


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