Iqaluit Jobs Near Me

Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, a Canadian province. It is located in Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island. The ice-capped mountains and tundra valleys of the island are well-known. It’s one of the few places to see the Northern Lights in the world. The natural phenomena can be seen from October to April when there is no pollution in the area and just four hours of sunlight.

Iqaluit serves as Nunavut’s logistical, logistics, and communications hub, with air connections to southern Canada, Yellowknife, and all Nunavut communities. It is served by a new airport that offers regular flights to and from the south.

Government, electronics, shipping, fishing, sealing, carving/handcrafts, and hospitality business are among the city’s main industries. There is no big city bus service in Iqaluit.

While mining is a major part of Iqaluit’s economy, the city is also supporting other industries such as heritage and music, tourism, and the atmosphere. Iqaluit is both the territory’s capital and a major centre for government facilities.

The jobs rate in Iqaluit represents the community’s improving economic conditions and indicates that job seekers are being paired with employers. 

So, if you're looking for a decent opportunity in the area, look no further.

Tutoring Jobs: A teacher works with pupils to help them improve their academic performance. They’re also found in educational institutions and businesses that provide after-school tutoring. To supervise the execution of school assignments, a teacher may meet with students individually or in a group environment. In Iqaluit, NU, the average hourly wage for a Tutor is $32.17.

Census jobs: Collecting questionnaires from residences is one of the census work. Obtain addresses and deliver letters asking people to complete an online census survey. Calling or contacting residents in your neighborhood to complete a census questionnaire is a good way to follow up with respondents. The average hourly wage for Census workers in Iqaluit (NU) is projected to be $32.00.

Client Advisor: Client Advisors are the most accomplished advisors in the company and are the principal supervisors in the client relationship. The job entails overseeing current customer partnerships as well as formulating and applying the guidance. Client Advisors collaborate with and train other employees in the delivery of client services. The average tax attorney salary in Iqaluit, Nunavut is $98212 a year, or $47 per hour.

Postmaster: Operations, administration, supervision, and service functions are all part of the Postmaster’s responsibilities. Postmasters supervise mail delivery and clarify post office rules to clients, as well as educate postal staff to manage consumer operations such as selling stamps or money orders or receiving post office box rent. A Postmaster in Iqaluit, Nunavut, earns an average of $98212 per year, or $47 per hour.

Reporter/Editor: Editors review and choose articles for print and internet distribution. They often give authors subjects to focus on or work with publishers to develop written materials before they are published. Reporters are in charge of providing information and commentary on national events in order to keep the public informed. They provide stories and breaking news for radio, television, internet news pages, and print newspapers and magazines, among other mediums. In Iqaluit, Nunavut, the average department editor salary is $93587 a year, or $45.50 per hour.

Assistant Project Manager: The Assistant Project Manager assists the Program Manager by overseeing project plans with all and all tasks. The primary responsibilities of this role are to ensure the consistency and productivity of each project from start to finish by communicating clearly with all stakeholders concerned. In Iqaluit, NU, the estimated annual wage for an Assistant Project Manager is $97243.

Accounting Clerk: The duties of an accounting clerk include maintaining financial accounts, filing reports, and reconciling bank statements. Accounting software packages (such as SAP) can be used to manage company expenses such as payments and receipts, disbursements, expense cards, and receipts. In Iqaluit, NU, an Accounting Clerk’s hourly wage is calculated to be $27.96.

Student Support Assistant: The Student Support Assistant serves as the first point of access for ONCAMPUS students and is in charge of addressing day-to-day inquiries. The Student Support Assistant will serve as a point of contact for students in need of assistance, guidance, information, or unbiased advice. In Iqaluit, NU, the average annual salary for a Government of Nunavut Student Assistant is $63,481, which is 34% higher than the nationwide average