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Ontario, the second-largest province of Canada is blessed with a multicultural population as home to over half of all newcomers to the country. People from all over the country find it tempting to work and earn a living in this diverse culture that has been its honor for many years. Ontario is also linguistically diverse as there are more than 100 languages spoken in Toronto and 44% of residents have a first language that isn’t English or French. Though, it is not easy to find work in Canada that matches your skills and experience as the competition has increased manifold leading to fewer job options. You need to figure out what employers expect, in your specific occupation or industry, or in the city where you plan to settle. Many newcomers get stuck at the beginning of getting hired because they do not have “Canadian experience.” There is a possibility that sometimes employers may not know how to judge your skills and experience. You need to show that you know the game, that you know the Canadian legislation, codes, or ways of doing things.


Not only in Ontario but in other provinces of Canada also, work culture is more or less the same; however, the work-place expectations are sometimes quite different. The work culture expects you to be good at speaking, listening, and socializing with other people; to know the etiquette of working with co-workers, colleagues, and supervisors. It also demands you to understand a good range of cross-cultural differences in the workplace, which ultimately leads to coordination and efficiency in the workplace.

If you really want to succeed in the work culture of the province then you should be frank and honest and say what you think, should be polite, and speak in a way that won’t offend other people’s feelings. Be smart to come up with solutions. For instance, employees are often given some tasks and are expected to figure out how to do them. They should be willing to work hard and show initiative to complete their work on time.


People think that Ontario only demands people with hard skills or technical skills. Rather Canadian employers want to hire people who also have soft skills. Or one can develop their skills as per the requirement of jobs that are high in demand. A job that is high in demand will leave you with good money and also with long-time work. Here are listed the highest -in-demand jobs that have a very bright future in Canada-

1. Sales associate

2. Project manager

3. Administrative assistant

4. Driver

5. Developer

6. Merchandiser

7. Receptionist

8. Cashier

9. Accountant

10. General labourer

11. Electrical engineer

12. Registered nurse

13. Account manager

14. Welder

15. Human resources manager


The concept of health is quite hot in Canada with lots of employment opportunities available especially for immigrants and students. With the ongoing health scenario in Ontario, people look for some honest health care workers who can be trusted. To state a fact, based on demographic shifts; with one in five Canadians to be over 65 by the year 2024; the Canadian people will see a fundamental shift into health care career demand. Not only the residents of the province but also the international students can avail the opportunity to work as a part-time health worker. One can earn a handsome amount of money along with their education, which also adds up to your overall experience. Here are some of the common healthcare jobs that expect a boost in their demand -


Canada provides plenty of job options to its residents and the international hustlers who want to make a living here. Though making a living in Canada is not child’s play, yet it just demands consistency and hard work for your work. The country may not give you your dream job at first but it will surely leave you with a lot of experience to try something new. Search and read about the types of jobs that suit you best and go for it. But before that, do not forget to re-check your skills and work on them if required. All the best!!