Clarence-Rockland Jobs Near Me

Clarence-Rockland is a municipality in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell on the Ottawa River in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Clarence-Rockland lies directly east of Ottawa and is included in the census as part of Canada’s National Capital Region. To the north, the city sits on the banks of the historic Ottawa River, while to the south, it is surrounded by the Larose Forest’s tall pines.

Bourget, Cheney, Clarence, Clarence Creek, Hammond, Rockland, and Saint-Pascal-Baylon are all part of Clarence-Rockland. The city’s administrative offices are in Rockland, the city’s most populous neighborhood.

The City of Clarence-Rockland is an excellent destination to Live, Work, and Invest in because of its diverse professional services led by a competent staff, continual residential expansion, various sports and cultural events, restaurants, retail stores, and specialized shops. It represents the region’s main agriculture industry. A total of 10,202 hectares, or 34% of the land area in the City of Clarence-Rockland, is set aside for agricultural production.

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Human Resources Manager: Human resources managers are in charge of planning, coordinating, and directing an organization’s administrative operations. They are in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and employing new workers, as well as consulting with senior executives on strategic planning and acting as a liaison between management and employees. In Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, the average income for a human resources adviser is $97037.

Shift Supervisor: At the end of each shift, a shift supervisor assigns tasks to subordinate employees, ensures that all sales and operations run smoothly, responds to customer inquiries and complaints, balances drawers and accounts, and reports any ongoing issues or problems to middle or upper management. In Clarence-Rockland, the average income for a shift supervisor is $42,162 per year or $21.62 per hour.

Performance Tester: A performance tester is an industrial employee who determines the safety, adaptability, speed, and reactivity of non-functional software in a particular workload. Performance testers ensure that an application’s essential components function correctly. Performance Testing pays an average of $67,907 per year in Clarence-Rockland.

Counter Clerk: A Counter Clerk’s typical responsibilities include welcoming clients, assisting them in finding desired items, promoting and selling products, providing necessary information, demonstrating product usage, completing transactions, issuing receipts, and sending invoices. In Clarence-Rockland, ON, the average hourly wage for a counter clerk is $17.50.

Accounting Assistant: Accounting assistants conduct entry-level accounting responsibilities to help the accounting department with its day-to-day operations. Accounting assistants’ major responsibilities are accounts receivable and payable. They also assist with collections, billing, audits, and journal entries, among other things. In Clarence-Rockland, the average hourly wage for an accounting assistant is $17.93.

iOS Developer: An iOS developer is in charge of creating apps for Apple’s ios platform. An iOS developer is in charge of creating apps for Apple’s iOS operating system. In Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, Canada, an iOS Developer earns an average of $115,342 per year and $55 per hour.

Legal Assistant: A legal assistant is a person who assists a lawyer or attorney. They keep track of legal papers, update files, do research, and produce the first draughts. The Legal Assistant’s job is to help a lawyer be more effective by developing evidence, case data, and settlement possibilities. In Ontario, the average annual income for a Legal Assistant is $46378.

Mechanic: A mechanic is in charge of examining and repairing cars, lorries, and other machinery. These specialists, often known as service technicians, are in charge of service inspections, inventory management, manufacturing process assembly, and repair. In Ontario, the average hourly wage for an Automotive Mechanic is $26.22.

Sales and Service Representatives are in charge of selling products, services, and products to consumers and clients. Their work includes locating fresh sales leads and converting them into paying customers. A Sales Representative’s average annual income in Clarence-Rockland is $55105.


These are some of the common jobs that one can easily find in Canada but what else will help is networking! Talk to people, your colleagues, friends, neighbors and try to build a connection wherever you can, and that might lead to your destination. You can also register yourself with some employment agencies which can help you find the right opportunity. There are plenty of agencies that notify you of a job as per your skills and requirements.

A piece of extra advice that we can give is that you must focus on skill-building rather than running behind a particular job. Work on your skills, master them and then apply for a job. Till then, don’t lose hope and enjoy the journey.