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Oshawa is a settlement in Ontario, Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is the biggest city in the Regional Municipality of Durham, which is situated in Canada. It is a component of the Toronto Metropolitan Area. It is located in Southern Ontario, about 60 kilometers east of Toronto. It is often regarded as the Golden Horseshoes and the Greater Toronto Area’s eastern anchor.

Residents in Oshawa admitted that they had someone they can rely on in their immediate neighborhood. As a result, crime is practically non-existent. Oshawa is without a doubt one of the safest cities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Oshawa, formerly known as Canada’s “Automotive Capital,” is now a center for education and health sciences. The Government of Ontario’s Places to Develop project has designated downtown Oshawa as an Urban Growth Centre. Much of Oshawa’s industry has closed over the years, but it is still home to GM Canada’s headquarters and a significant manufacturing facility. Manufacturing of railway maintenance equipment, machine tools, steel fabrication, and rubber goods are among the current industries of significance.

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Account Management: Account management is a post-sales position that focuses on maintaining and growing customer relationships. Account managers have two main goals: to keep their clients’ business and to expand their chances. They attain these aims through knowing about their clients’ objectives and assisting them in achieving them. In Oshawa, Ontario, the average income for an Account Manager is C$52495.

Production worker: A production worker is in charge of running manufacturing equipment and preparing products for distribution. Assembling and inspecting goods, ensuring that all machinery is running well, and aiding in the packing and transportation of commodities are all part of the job description for a production worker. In Oshawa, ON, the average hourly wage for a Production Worker is $14.00.

Kitchen Designer: A kitchen designer’s job is to produce exactly what a client wants, on schedule and on budget. To provide solutions targeted at resolving issues and improving the outcome. To create a high-quality, cutting-edge kitchen that will endure a lifetime. In Oshawa, ON, the average income for a Kitchen Designer is $63325 per year.

Cashier: A cashier is a customer care representative who oversees the day-to-day operations of a retail or department store. Cashiers are generally responsible for operating cash registers, product scanners, and payment devices in order to enable consumer purchases. Customers’ money is collected. In Oshawa, ON, the average hourly wage for a Cashier is $14.44.

Sales Associate: Sales associates offer retail products and things such as equipment, clothing, automobiles or automobile components, and so on. Sales associates assist consumers in locating what they are looking for, ensuring a smooth sales process, and completing transactions. In Oshawa, ON, the average hourly wage for a Sales Associate is $14.55. 

Area Manager: Area Managers have the responsibility of the operations of all stores in a certain area. They are also in charge of personnel and collaborate with other senior and department managers. In Oshawa, ON, a Regional Manager’s annual income is predicted to be $66553.

Security Guard: A security guard patrols and observes property to protect it from fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and unlawful activities. In order to prevent crime, they keep an eye on individuals and structures. In Oshawa, ON, the ordinary hourly wage for a Security Guard is $15.62.

Investment Specialist: Short-term securities, such as commercial paper, are bought and sold by investment specialists to satisfy short-term investment and financing needs. Tracks market rates, establish payment rates and determines the daily quantity to be sold. An Investment Specialist is someone who generates investment reports on a regular basis. In St. Catharines, Ontario, the medium investment manager’s pay is $146898 per year or $71 per hour.

Child Care Provider: In childcare facilities, a child care provider supervises and cares for the fundamental needs of children. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including meal preparation, lesson planning, and homework assistance. Babysitting income in Oshawa, Ontario is $30417 on average.

Medical Screener: Medical Screeners assess potential clinical study participants or medical donation recipients. They decide if the application satisfies the eligibility requirements and whether or not they should be accepted.


These are some of the common jobs that one can easily find in Canada but what else will help is networking! Talk to people, your colleagues, friends, neighbors and try to build a connection wherever you can, and that might lead to your destination. You can also register yourself with some employment agencies which can help you find the right opportunity. There are plenty of agencies that notify you of a job as per your skills and requirements.

A piece of extra advice that we can give is that you must focus on skill-building rather than running behind a particular job. Work on your skills, master them and then apply for a job. Till then, don’t lose hope and enjoy the journey.