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Prince Edward Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada with one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces that consists of the main island and 231 smaller. The province is the smallest and least populated with more than 150,000 people living in it. The island only has two important urban areas, the capital city of Charlottetown and the harbor of Summer side. The rest of the island is beautified with rolling hills, sandy beaches, woods, and a lot more.

Popularly known as “the Garden Province”, Prince Edward Island counts as one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. As Canada’s smallest and least populous province, the island is appreciated for its natural beauty, including its 800 km of beaches. And it’s capital, Charlottetown provides shelter to a third of its residents around 40,000 people. In addition to that, around 20,000 residents live in the provincial capital.

Charlottetown is a modern city with its own charisma as tourists are attracted by the friendly character of rural communities in a city with all the facilities of modern life. Charlottetown makes a concerted attempt to maintain its reputation through its planning, which includes limiting the scale of downtown buildings and repurposing old railway lands on the waterfront as cultural centers. The result is overwhelming as it becomes a matter of pride for residents and lures more and more tourists each year. Charlottetown has also been significant from the beginning of some important events that took place in Canadian history.

One needs not worry about the cost of living in this province as average families can afford a comfortable life thanks to the relatively low costs of living, as compared to some other places in Canada. Housing and the cost of living generally, are among the lowest in Canada. The compulsory minimum wage is around $10.35/hr.

All About the Economy of Prince Edward Island

The economy is considered as a city’s most vital aspect around which the growth of a country revolves. The city’s economy is majorly dominated by the public sector, with major federal, provincial, and also municipal government operations. The service and technology sectors have also seen major growth in recent years, along with tourism. Well, speaking of the current growth scenario, agriculture, tourism, and fishing are some of the main industries present in Prince Edward Island. About 29 percent of Canada’s potatoes are grown in Prince Edward Island, providing the most vital source of income for 2,000 farms of the province. The tourism industry is on the rise as the Island’s charm, landscapes, and golf courses entice greater numbers of visitors annually. Food production makes up most of the manufacturing industry. The technical sector is also picking its pace, especially in the medical, electronics, and agricultural fields. The fishing industry, once a major employer in the province, has been in less demand due to declining stocks of fish in the once teeming Grand Banks area. This decline causes the unemployment rate in P.E.I to stand at over 10 percent, making it the second-highest among Canadian provinces.

Thinking about migrating to Prince Edward Island?

Well, work on that thought as you won’t regret moving to this beautiful city. Just like other Canadian provinces, P.E.I. also expects the large majority of its future population growth to come from immigration. To encourage immigration in order to meet the province’s needs, P.E.I. offers a Provincial Nomination Program, which allows the province to choose immigrants that wish to settle in the province and get them to Canada as soon as possible.

Here are few JOB OPPORTUNITIES in Prince Edward Island:

Are you looking for jobs on Prince Edward Island? Wondering if you can either get a part-time or full-time job? All these doubts will be cleared in this section! The government of the province has provided its residents with The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) that offers help to address the labor gap that the province is currently facing. At present, there are two main ways that you can get permanent residence in Prince Edward Island under its PNP if you have a job of demand in Canada. This program includes the Express Entry system and the Critical Workers stream. Another way to apply is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot as Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces. Speaking of the sectors which see a high-demand, industries like Agriculture, fisheries, Information Technology (IT), aerospace and bioscience are filled with ample opportunity for young and experienced people alike. Try asking anyone in the world where the best mussels are from and probably their answer would be Prince Edward Island! So, for those of you who acquire skills as per your professions or basic skills to apply for a job, then these won't disappoint you -

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