Charlottetown Jobs Near Me

Charlottetown, a capital city of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is located on the south most coast of the province. It’s the shire seat of Queens County. On a list of recommended cities to live in the nation Charlottetown is tied for the first spot. The city’s summer festival takes place at the Centre, which comprises an art gallery, cinema, and library museum.

Agriculture, tourism, and fishing will be the city’s main commercial factors. Agriculture has been one of their dominant practices since the colonial period, and the majority of it takes place near Charlottetown.

The main industries of farming, forestry, and tourism, as well as the strategic industries of aerospace, bioscience, IT, and energy production, all provide respectable job and employment opportunities on Prince Edward Island (PEI).


In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the estimated yearly income is $60,865 (CAD), or $29 per hour (CAD).

Here are few jobs option for you in Charlottetown:

Quality Systems Analyst: Systems analysts assess how well applications, electronics, and the larger IT system meet their employer’s or client’s business needs. They can also assist in the implementation and monitoring of new programmes, as well as writing specifications for them. Implementing new systems is an example of a typical work responsibility. In Charlottetown, PE, the average annual wage for a Software Quality Assurance Analyst is C$68,215.

Health Information Management Professionals: The stewards and defenders of patient health information are Health Information Management Professionals. They advocate for patients’ rights in matters of privacy and protection, data release, record accessibility concerns and rules, and general public education about personal health records. In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the estimated yearly salary for a Health Information Management Supervisor is $55,953 and $27 per hour.

Producer/Project Manager: A project manager is someone who is in charge of the ultimate progress of a project’s initiation, preparation, construction, implementation, supervision, control, and completion. The project manager must ensure that risk is controlled and confusion is minimized. A Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) earns an estimate of C$80000 per year in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator: The work of a Social Media Coordinator entails implementing a results-oriented social media approach. Create and curate social media material that is both interesting and useful. Assist with writing, recording, and photo content production and editing. Attend live events and create social media posts in real-time. In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the average wage for a Marketing Coordinator is C$34765.

Personal Banking Associate: Personal bankers are in charge of assisting individuals in managing their money in order to balance financial costs and rewards. Customer support representative who explains bank programs and helps with new deposits, investments, shares, and stocks. In Charlottetown, Personal Banking Associate incomes might vary from $35,848 to $1,33,822. 

Baker: Bakers work in manufacturing and distribution bakeries and restaurants, making bread, rolls, pastries, desserts, cakes, pies, and cookies. Bakeries, pharmacies, catering agencies, hotels, pubs, hospitals, and other organizations employ them, or they may be self-employed. In Charlottetown, PE, the average hourly wage for a Baker is $14.35.

Customer Service Representatives: Customer Service Representatives answer inbound to outbound calls to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience. This is a full-time job that supports and resolves consumer problems and provides superior customer service. In Prince Edward Island, the average hourly wage for a customer care agent is $14.12.

Senior Software Developer: Senior software developers are seasoned professionals who typically take the lead on software development programs. They are in charge of assessing the company’s objectives, determining whether there are viable alternatives to problems, and developing strategies for software development. In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the median earnings for a Software Developer are $43977.

Bartender: A bartender’s responsibilities involve blending drinks with a variety of ingredients such as vodka, bitters, soda, water, sugar, and fruits. Taking cocktail orders from customers or wait staff and delivering drinks as ordered, all while paying close attention to the smallest of information. Responding to customer demands in a timely manner. In Charlottetown, the average hourly wage for a bartender is $13.62.

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