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Summerside is a city in Prince Edward Island, Canada, that is located in Prince County. It is the province’s second-largest city and the island’s main service center. Summerside Tax Centre, a Government of Canada department responsible for processing the Goods and Services Tax, is the city’s biggest single employer.

Summerside is the second-largest city on the island, and it has plenty of the facilities you’d imagine. The Harbourfront Theatre welcomes world-class performers and hosts a number of exciting festivals and activities.

Summerside’s economy has seen considerable diversification, development, and prosperity over the last decade. It is a global service, high-technology, education, tourism, manufacturing, and light industrial economy with job and investment potential for small businesses to multinational corporations.

The city is at the crossroads of opportunity, with its green energy market, aviation industry, robust IT services, conventional industries, and initiatives designed to fuel business growth. It’s a business and collaboration environment with advantages that can only be defined as exceptional.


Special Events Coordinator: Planning and managing the planning of a gathering, including the location, attendees, services, catering, and publicity, is the job of a special events coordinator. Keep track of event costs and double-check invoices for accuracy. Selecting event vendors and employees, as well as directing and supervising their work is important. A Special Events Coordinator’s yearly pay in Canada is C$45370.

Store General Manager: General managers serve as mini-CEOs, overseeing the day-to-day activities of a corporate division, department, or standalone retail site. They set organizational policies, create and maintain budgets, manage staff, and more to ensure strategic targets are accomplished. Summerside, Prince Edward Island’s annual restaurant general manager wage is $100711 a year, or $48 per hour.

Assistant Managers: Helping managers directly and reporting to them are the responsibilities of assistant managers. This position can include managing an organization’s day-to-day activities, giving direct input to employees, managing payroll and staffing records, and interviewing and recruiting new employees. Depending on the market, other responsibilities can differ. In Summerside, Prince Edward Island, the average assistant project manager salary is $60331 a year, or $29.50 per hour.

Sales and Marketing: In Canada, the interests of the consumers are booming. According to the Canadian career opportunity portal, there are outstanding job openings in all of Canada’s major cities. Digital marketing has become an integral part of the marketing team of every organization, regardless of the domain, due to consumer demand. Summerside, Prince Edward Island’s annual media sales agent wage is $69751 a year, or $34 per hour.

Merchandiser: The marketing of merchandise and/or services offered for retail sale is referred to as merchandise. Quantities are determined, prices are set for products and services, show designs are created, marketing campaigns are developed, and discounts or coupons are established. In Summerside, PE, the median hourly wage for a Merchandiser is $14.73.

Career Development Practitioner: Career Development Practitioners collaborate with individuals of all ages and levels of their careers to help them balance their lives, learning, and work. They serve in secondary schools, colleges, and universities, as well as counseling and career centers, government departments, and neighborhood organizations.

R&D Manager: The Research & Development Manager is in charge of designing and implementing innovative product development, as well as collaborating with the monetization team to get these products to market. This involves overseeing and guiding the R&D Team, which includes sharing the workload and maintaining morale and success levels. Summerside’s annual Research and Development Manager salary is somewhere around $97,324 and $174,927.

Personal Trainers: Personal trainers should be aware of their clients’ wellness and fitness objectives. Personal training experience and knowledge of the fitness world are a plus. Create and tailor exercise services based on the wishes and aspirations of your customers. Summerside, Prince Edward Island’s annual personal trainer income is $49733 a year, or $24 per hour.

Lawn Mower: A lawnmower works by causing lacerations on the stems of grass and other plants by rotating a thin blade or a short length of wire. To achieve a more attractive look, sever the plant and reduce its height. In Summerside, Prince Edward Island, the median Lawn Mower income is $27039, or $13 per hour.

Electrician: Electricians layout, mount, install, inspect, fix problems, and restore electrical insulation, fixtures, regulatory systems, and associated machinery in buildings and other installations (except industrial and power systems). Summerside, Prince Edward Island’s annual electrician journeyman wage is $62647 a year, or $30 per hour.

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